Friday, May 19, 2017

I have sincere doubts about the former Senator Joe Lieberman for FBI Director.

Former Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman (click here) gives a 'thumbs-up' as he leaves the West Wing of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, May 17, 2017. The White House says President Donald Trump will be interviewing four potential candidates to lead the FBI.

This is not about retribution for causing the Affordable Care Act problems that would have been resolved with a Public Option, but, more about his political activity within the global spectrum.

To begin there is his involvement with Israel. He doesn't weigh in on the country in the same way as someone more distant and Israel has a very productive relationship with Russia.

November 25, 2015
By Ralph Ahren

...“I think (click here) we’re entering a period now where the relations between the United States and Israel are going to be very positive and productive — and that includes a maintenance of the qualitative military edge,” Lieberman told The Times of Israel during an interview in Jerusalem....

The USA under President Obama saw some of the most extensive support for Israel to date and it occurred before Joe Lieberman made this statement. It was his idea that Democrats would bend over backwards to please Israel after the Iran sanctions were lifted.

The sanctions being lifted have been good for our allies actually, ie: New Zealand had a twenty year prohibition of selling anything to Iran. Today, New Zealand farmers are preparing for what seems like a new customer for 2 decades. Our allies have been loyal to the USA and UN sanctions. So, the idea the sanctions being lifted are meaningless to The West is completely wrong. It is these renewed relationships most countries believe will return Iran to a far less angry character internationally. The sanctions have been hard on the people of Iran and these returned trade relations will bring about a different dynamic within the country.

But as to Lieberman. Vote No!

Israel is always seeking good relations with other countries as their diaspora is extensive. No could or should ask Israel to change their international relationships. The relationships that need to change with Israel are all close border issues, ie: Palestine. 

Joe Lieberman had a plan for Palestine and Israel in 2004. which included a sovereign Palestine. However, it was different in that it was based on the population density of Arabs vs Jews in areas where both resided. The Lieberman Plan would leave Israel and Palestine proper alone and seek only to set up distinctions in towns that would yield a stable land mass for both countries with people of both ethnic designations living on them. Ultimately, it would be the people that would seek to stay or move depending on their preference to residential country designations. The plan was not well accepted. 2004 was a time when Joe Lieberman was running with John Kerry for the Vice Presidency.

That idea, however, has survived within Israel to some degree.

February 11, 2017

Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman (click here) said he would like to see all of Israel’s “Palestinian” citizens relocate to the Palestinian territories and become citizens there, and that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, at his meeting on Wednesday with Donald Trump, should coordinate with the new US president on expanding Israeli sovereignty to parts of the West Bank....

The cost to this 'idea' is that Palestine would give up more land in the West Bank. In my opinion, that is simply more aggression by Israel and out of the question. It is these issues that could really taint the former US Senator's work for the FBI. There would always be questions and it could lead to more tensions between Israel and Palestine.

March 25, 2017
By Seth J. Frantzman

In June 7, (click here) Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the iconic Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. “Russia and Israel can take pride in our high level of partnership, fruitful cooperation and far-reaching business contacts,” Putin said in an address before the ballet.

Since then, that partnership has continued to grow, but the looming crisis in Syria threatens to upset this dance....

I think the speculation about Russia and Israel growing apart is an error. Israel has deployed strikes against Hezbollah when there were obvious dangerous munitions rolling across Lebanon or Syria. The idea Russia will carry out hostility to any Russian Jews or Israel is not accurate and the diplomatic distance will not increase between the two countries. Let's just say, "They understand each other."

March 31, 2017

Former Senator Joe Liebermann, (click here) who also headed up the Senate Homeland Security Committee, tells Larry why he's calling for an independent commission to look into the alleged ties between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

For those that simply love "Larry King" and his particular style of journalism know they can find him on "RT" (click here) which is the English version of Russian television.

Larry King has had his influence in USA politics even today. He is a strong proponent of the Third Party candidates. It is a platform for them and they have been able to get their message out because of Larry's focus on democracy and freedom of speech.

I know there is an independent council that former Director Muller has accepted so the idea Lieberman would be involved in the investigation is not a concern. What is a concern is his larger role with involvement internationally and the power the FBI would give him and any focus that leans political.

Director is responsible for ensuring that cases and operations are handled correctly. The Director also is in charge of staffing the leadership in any one of the FBI field offices with qualified agents.

Former US Senator Joe Lieberman was never an agent. Can we kindly keep a focus on Bureau competency rather than politics.