Friday, August 26, 2016


Thank you.
I hear people commenting on Donald Trump's new immigration policy. It is my opinion he is competing for Governor Gary Johnson. He may be competing for points in defaming Hillary Clinton whenever he can, but, I think the immigration path is about Gary Johnson.

This is where Donald Trump's campaign didn't plan into the future. They should have been aiming for the Libertarians as well as the Tea Party.

Governor Gary Johnson is not taking aim at Donald Trump, he is aiming for Hillary Clinton. Spending a million on four battleground states is not aiming at Donald Trump. 

August 26, 2016
By Daniel Strauss

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson’s (click here) campaign is spending nearly $1 million on advertising in four battleground states, plus Oregon, Utah and his home state of New Mexico, as part of a new advertising blitz.
The new ad spending is the first indication of where Johnson is hoping to compete in the coming weeks. The former New Mexico governor’s campaign is spending $806,195 this month on radio ads in Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah and Wisconsin, according to a media buying source....
The Flint River Water Project

Really good news.

I didn't know my fire breathing ally filed a FOIA request. Sometimes people do the nicest things for other people.

I call next week and I think I can begin to access information.

It pays to be patient with people that sincerely care.