Tuesday, March 20, 2018

There is a conscience at FOX. Thank you, Colonel Peters.

Murdoch should terminate contracts and fire the lot. The FCC should be reviewing licenses as well. I wish the Colonel well.

March 20, 2018
By Michael M. Grynbaum

...“In my view, (click here) Fox has degenerated from providing a legitimate and much-needed outlet for conservative voices to a mere propaganda machine for a destructive and ethically ruinous administration,” Colonel Peters wrote in his message, a copy of which was obtained by The New York Times.

“Over my decade with Fox, I long was proud of the association,” he added. “Now I am ashamed.”...  

Cambridge Analytica marketed their ability to hack into Facebook and sell the data. This was no Oops at all.

21 March 2018
By Adam Taylor
...But Cambridge Analytica (click here) may be an issue not only for Americans and Britons. The firm claims to have worked in a wide range of countries, including Australia, Brazil, Kenya, Malaysia and Mexico, and politicians in several of them are calling for investigations of the company's work.
That list comes directly from the company's representatives, who were recently filmed by an undercover reporter from Britain's Channel 4 News. The journalist presented himself as a potential client, a representative of a wealthy Sri Lankan family eager to increase its political influence. During meetings over four months, Cambridge Analytica employees touted their work worldwide....

If a legal agreement is adverse to Ms. McDougal's life, she should have the opportunity to rescind it.

For women, there is always safety in numbers. Ms. Clifford is giving others the strength to come forward. Just filing the lawsuit and letting the public know such underhanded tactics are all part of their experience with Trump is nearly good enough.
21 March 2018

...Karen McDougal (click here) filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against American Media, publisher of the National Enquirer, which paid her US$150,000 in 2016 to keep quiet on the matter, according to a copy of the lawsuit provided by her lawyer, Peter Stris....

...The New Yorker article noted that American Media head David Pecker has described Trump as a "personal friend".

"AMI lied to me, made empty promises, and repeatedly intimidated and manipulated me," McDougal, who was Playboy magazine's 1998 Playmate of the Year, said in a statement today.

"I just want the opportunity to set the record straight and move on with my life, free from this company, its executives, and its lawyers."

Adult film actress Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, sued the President on March 6, stating that Trump never signed an agreement for her to keep her quiet about an "intimate" extramarital relationship between them....
21 March 2018

Former US President Obama heads off to golf course with Former Prime Minister John Key (click here for live coverage).

Barack Obama has landed at Kauri Cliffs, near Matauri Bay in the Far North for a round of golf.
Obama landed in New Zealand early this morning and our own former Prime Minister, John Key, and his family flew north for a golfing rendezvous with the former president.

The only conspiracy here is the Murdoch conspiracy or reeking havoc with democracy.

What Donald Trump and FOX News advocate as a "Deep State" is called routine work by most government employees.

Trump needs to think about leaving. If he does not have the character strength to even stay on task long enough for an interview with Former Director Mueller he doesn't have the character strength for much in life; which is why he needs so many lawyers at any point in his life. It is ridiculous to realize the costs surmounted by the RNC because of his temperament or should I say lack of it.

A democratic government is ORGANIZED around function and not dysfunction. The federal government has to operate in order to bring about national security at the very least. No one in the federal government should be sitting on their hands waiting for word from the emperor.

That is the problem with Trump's administration. He believes he can only trust his family and there isn't enough of them to go around to make the government function. They don't have the understanding and/or ability to handle this level of responsibility and not feel threatened by the need for control. There is not a possible outcome within that administration except more and more dysfunction.

It is convenient for Trump to have FOX News at his beckon call. It provides him with plenty of media cover regardless of the lousy administration that exists.

I have a question for FOX News, does Trump's shit stink?

I just thought maybe one level of reality and truth could spark some real reformation at FOX news.
Ted Kaczynski had a manifesto. He wasn't territorial though. He also didn't live in a city where people could notice his activity as odd in some way. He secluded himself in a way only his family would have any information about his hate. I suppose he could be considered territorial in that he coveted corporate executives. If I recall it correctly.

It makes sense there is a number of FBI agents because it hits at the heart of the USA economy. So, this is a major concern. I suppose there is a bit of an economic focus, but, if the police believe it is racial, then it says a lot about the bomber.

The diagram of the location of the bombs forms a right triangle, so the bomber had scoped out his/her targets. The targets don't appear random. Also there is a repeating number in the dates of the explosion. The number two.

They all have occurred in the month of March and the number 3 is understood, but, the day of the explosions are 02, 12 and now today 20. If the explosion in the FedEx facility was planned it would be 20, but, if the destination was the place the bomb was to explode it may or may not be 20 or 21. There were also two bombs on the 12th. Computers can run on a binomial basis, if that means anything. Usually, that is the numbers 0 and 1. I think a computer with AI might be able to synthesize a potential pattern and/or identity.

This is probably affiliated with the death of a police officer and/or the death of a African American. As an example:

January 26, 2018

7:40 a.m.update: A man (click here) who broke into a Central Austin home early Friday morning was killed by police after shooting at two officers who confronted him, authorities said.

When the suspect, described as a white man, entered the home in the 4500 block of Avenue G, the residents hid in a closet and called 911 around 3:40 a.m.

Officials said two officers arrived and announced themselves to the suspect, who then shot at the officers. One of the officers returned fire, killing the man at the scene, Assistant Chief of Police Troy Gay said....

There is also a map with this report, so this must be a methodology of the crime reporting community. That method may or may not be part of the strategy to terrify the community as well as kill what are believed to be innocent people. The backgrounds of the people targeted might prove a pattern as well.

One other thing about the numbers, is that when a date is reliable in producing violence, there will be higher fear quotients that can be affiliated with that. The public will begin to recognize the pattern and anticipate that explosion. That could be used as a public strategy to avoid packages on those days. Then with a pattern realized, the bomber could simply change the pattern and cause greater terror. I tend to think the dates are less important than the identity of the victims or intended victims.

I doubt any of this is new thinking for the police or FBI, but, why assume anything in an investigation.

I am sorry to hear this is happening to Austin. I have the greatest sympathies for the victims, intended victims, their families and friends. The city is a good city and the problems it faces are not very different than other cities.

If this is racially based it could be an effort greater than one person. Every American wants their cities to be safe and happy places for it's citizens. We all struggle with the racial problems the USA exhibits. It is not fair and it is not unique. Racial issues have been a problem throughout the world, otherwise, there would be no Robben Island. That is not an excuse, but, it is a reality.

I know the fear that lives in every African American man's heart and it effects their life. That is not a minor problem. Fear raises stress and can result in health problems. Fear of one being a target in society brings an entirely odd family dynamics. The USA needs to resolve it's racist problems, that includes ending the hate of White Supremacy.

I hope law enforcement will solve this swiftly, but, when it comes to these type of issues, it can be a longer timeline. I wish everyone safety and peace during this difficult time.

Monday, March 19, 2018

The American people are not alone in their worry.

March 9, 2018
By Daniel B. Shapiro

King Abdullah of Jordan, left, looks on as Jared Kushner talks with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and his wife during the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. Feb. 2, 2017.

It was always folly that Jared Kushner, (click here) a key example of Trump's terrible, nepotistic distortion of American government, monopolized the U.S.-Israel relationship. Now he's going down, how much further will critical decision-making deteriorate?

Not since the November 1, 1973 meeting between Prime Minister Golda Meir, under fire for the failures that led to the Yom Kippur War, and President Richard Nixon, already deep into the Watergate scandal, have American and Israeli leaders met at a time of such internal political turmoil in both countries.

As thousands of advocates for a strong U.S.-Israel relationship gather in Washington for the annual AIPAC Policy Conference this week, the fraught situation in both governments raises the question of how to manage the U.S.-Israel relationship through choppy waters and bumpy roads....

...What all these advances had in common was that they resulted from an effort, at least on the U.S. side, to ensure that the bilateral relationship, and the policy that guided it, were spread across all parts of our government....

...There will always be a few key, high-level individuals managing the relationship and making decisions on the most sensitive matters, but others in the government need to be involved, informed, and coordinated.

Lately, one has the impression that the relationship has been shrunk down to three or four people on each side. Trump White House paranoia about the loyalty of career officials, whom they deride as the "deep state", surely contributes. So does the failure to fill many senior State Department posts. Israeli coalition politics, with cabinet portfolios spread across multiple parties and no foreign minister, are a factor as well.

A structure like this one creates problems that benefit neither country....

...Finally, this structure injects chaos when someone leaves or gets in trouble. If all the eggs of the U.S.-Israel relationship are in Jared Kushner’s basket, what happens when that basket self-immolates, as is going on now? Over-investment in one or two individuals, no matter how supportive, actually weakens the structures that the bilateral relationship needs.

Other governments, particularly in the Gulf, have made a similar mistake, leaning far too heavily on Jared Kushner as the be-all and end-all of their relationships with the United States.

That’s because of the terrible distortion of the U.S. government under the Trump Administration - from a collection of professional departments to a family-run business, complete with a crown prince and blatant misuse of government positions to advance private commercial interests. 

As Kushner goes down, those governments must ask themselves, now what?...

...President Obama used to say that government officials are like runners in a relay race, carrying the baton for a while and then handing it off to the next runner. That is true across administrations, but it is also true during a single administration, when most people only serve in their posts for about two years. 

When Jared Kushner has the baton pulled from his hand, who is going to carry it for the U.S.-Israel relationship in the coming years?

U.S. United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley, White House senior adviser Jared Kushner and Middle East Envoy Jason Greenblatt wait for a meeting of the UN Security Council at UN headquarters in New York

Except for Trump and Kushner, no other party finds the plan interesting. 

March 12, 2018
By Amir Tibon

Washington – The Trump administration's Israeli-Palestinian peace (click here) plan is currently being finalized and it will not include an explicit endorsement of a two-state solution, according to a report published Monday by the New York Times....

Currently, Eric Prince was hired by the UAE to fight in Yemen.

I believe it was Jason Greenblatt that felt the Palestinian President Abbas was out of line and Anti-Semitic by stating the US Envoy was the "son of a dog settler." 

That is laughable.

Greenblatt has a boss in DC, namely the President, that never stops calling absolutely anyone derived names with an emotional punch. I do believe President Abbas was paying Greenblatt a compliment carrying an appropriate greeting. It seems the sincere meaning was lost in the translation though.

I was wondering did Greenblatt receive a handshake in public yet?

Oh, by the way, the Saudis are headed to the White House for a meeting. I'd bet real money they will be asking for OCO funds for Eric Prince's militia.

Why was Geoge Nader in the White House? Trump has pedophile tendancies. Why is there any doubt why Nader was in the White House?

You won't hear this from Larry Kudlow.

The Republican Tax Plan may have given Warren Buffet a windfall, but, it didn't do anything for "Toys 'R' Us," which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. All the American stores are closing in May, but, other countries will continue to have them.

"Toys 'R' Us" registered only 50 percent of its sales during the holiday season of 2017. Evidently, rather than being a seasonal specialty store, the company registers losses all year and makes them up during the US holiday season.

September 28, 2017
By Abha Bhattaral

Within hours of Toys R Us’s bankruptcy filing last week, (click here) the maker of Max Tow Truck and Animal Babies Nursery sounded a financial alarm of its own: Jakks Pacific, the company said, expected to swing to a loss this year as a result of the mega-retailer’s bankruptcy.

Toys R Us owes $14.06 million to Jakks, which last year posted a profit of $1.2 million, making the California-based toy supplier one of more than 100,000 creditors sideswiped by the toy chain’s bankruptcy in the run-up to the all-important holiday season....

A few things happened with "Toys 'R' US;" they never recognized the movement of American parents to local toy stores where questions about quality and materials were easily provided. The CEO simply kept selling regardless of the fact there were monthly shortfalls in costs. He was bringing some cash flow to minimize the shortfall, but, it was never enough. Manufactured toys became really expensive. Disney had it's own stores and what girl didn't want to have a "Frozen" dress in the closet? Amazon was a real competitor in the prices of toys. It was a company frought with problems that were never addressed.

I doubt toy manufacturers will have a huge problem, although they need to measure their loss of sales to "Toys 'R' Us" and decide if Amazon sales are going to pick up the slack.

Governor Brown may want to reach out to toy manufacterers in his state to facilitate a transition to availabe markets as "Toys 'R' Us" is phased out this May.

Then the former "Clear Channel," (click here) with the largest number of radio stations in the USA has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, so they can make the same mistakes all over again. "Clear Channel" thought if it changed it's name to "I Heart Radio" it would save the company. Nope.

March 15, 2018
By Sherisse Pham and Brian Stelter

The two biggest owners of radio stations in America (click here) have both filed for bankruptcy.

iHeartMedia, the operator of 850 stations across the United States, submitted the paperwork on Thursday. Its rival Cumulus, the operator of 445 stations, did the same thing a few months ago.

The two cases are unique, but both companies face similar challenges in a troubled industry. And both companies are trying to restructure their debt.

iHeartMedia (IHRT) has been crippled by piles of debt for many years. It has been struggling to get out from under a massive debt load it took on as part of a leveraged buyout of billboard company Clear Channel Outdoor in 2008.

"The heavy debt burden became unsustainable during the persistent long-term secular decline of the radio broadcasting business," analyst Sharon Bonelli of Fitch Ratings said in an email....

Yes, indeed, Donald Trump has been an inspiration of all Wall Street.

Now, realize as time goes by with Wall Street being deregulated and Trump nealry handing out bankruptcy as a way to gain wealth, this trend will continue.

The USA economy will shrink and there will be job losses. There are already job losses in the Financial Sector. I do not expect those job losses to convert into new jobs. The Financial Sector will end it's departments that kept records and reported to CEOs regarding their alignment with regulation. So, middle management and the clerks will continue to look for work.

In the graph above and below there are job losses increasing in separation. The unemployment rate for this sector is an increasing percentage. The changes are nearly microscopic, but, they exist and will continue to exist as deregulation sets in.

Trump has changed the way jobs are recorded and reported, so there is a new baseline and it is only beginning to show losses to the American workforce.

Donald Trump has turned the "greed machine" loose and it is not going to end anytime soon. Bankruptcy is now on the desk of every CEO in the USA. I think "Toys 'R' Us" is an excellent example of the projection into the future. Wall Street will shrink for greater profits after it gobbled up mergers and takeovers. As a result the vendors of which monies are owed will be lucky to get a dime out of the bankruptcy. There will be more real estate on the market and prices for commercial buildings and warehouses will drop.

So, local economies need to take assessment of their economies and realize Trump's Wall Street is now the worst nightmare in the world. Those small businesses that sell items from vendors need to take stock of their supplies and merchendise and begin to determine if their businesses are growing with continued bankruptcies or not and adjust appropriately for profit.

The local economies will do well if they see this trend, take it seriously and expect an uptick in local commerce as the big conglomerates turn to liquidity in bankruptcies. That was liquidity and vendors in debt to Wall Street should not hesitate to have their invoices paid.

I don't trust any of them, be it government or Wall Street.
The real problem with driverless anything is the fact the USA can never string enough cable to accommodate an entire driving nation with service. So, what has to occur is what occurred in Arizona; the manufacturers preprogram the car with maps, ie: "Garmin GPS."

So, will everyone with such a car upload updates everyday? No. Will these cars perform to get a person from one point to another? Sure. But, no one knows when that computer software glitch will result in real tragedy. 

Sorry, but, there is no such thing as a secure internet and computers are not as reliable as the human mind.

No disrespect for the dead intended, but, this is the problem with self-driving cars.

No one knows whether a car is self-driving or not. In this case, the human being was misbehaving and was outside the lines of a crosswalk. How many people in the USA when a pedestrian walk outside the lines of a crosswalk? It is ridiculous. The entire idea behind these cars is the safety of the human being. The car is supposed to operate safer than any human driving a car or truck. Here it is. The technology has no room for human beings being human.

What if a child is playing outside. There are signs in neighborhoods stating, "Children at play." "Deaf child playing." "Drive like it were your children." How many places in the USA suffer from drivers that don't read speed limit signs and neighborhoods have to demonstrate in order to get the attention of the local council? Many. 

This is technology that will never be perfected and will always be a problem.

People invest in this mess and then it will be the human being at fault when such incidents happen. Soon people will be wearing ankle bracelets just to keep from being killed; so the car can see them.

13 February 2018
by Chloe Aiello

Uber loss jumped 61 percent to $4.5 billion in 2017(click here)

What is Uber doing in business? They lost billions last year and if the drivers weren't paid they wouldn't be on the road.

I can hear the propaganda now, "Did you get your ankle bracelet yet? They are nearly invisible and some are really attractive, too." 

Who is going to have money to spend to ride in an Uber cab? Technology will put people in poverty because there are no jobs and these companies will be worthless penny stocks. This is still yet another problem the American people have with their runaway capitalism. In Great Britain, Uber is a taxi service and pays all the fees and taxes. How many Uber drivers in Great Britain are going to pay for an Uber medallion?

It is worthless technology that has already put independent taxi drivers out of business.

Better yet, there will be an app for the iPhone that can be turned on to send out a signal when walking outside. Then there will be those folks who forgot to recharge their phone or will have A malfunction or get caught in the rain. Who's fault is it now? Human beings will have to be insured with "No Fault" before too much longer. "Get your "Walking About Town No Fault Insurance, guaranteed to pay the bills if you aren't."


March 19, 2018
By Marco della Cava

San Francisco — An Uber self-driving car (click here) hit and killed a woman in Tempe, Ariz., Sunday night, according to local police.

The Uber car was in self-driving mode when the accident occurred, but had a safety driver at the wheel as is the norm when testing autonomous vehicles.

Uber issued a statement saying that it was "fully cooperating with local authorities." The ride-hailing company has temporarily halted its self-driving tests in wake of the incident in Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Toronto, as is its policy following any accident.

The woman, who has not been named, was crossing outside the designated crosswalk at about 10 p.m. when she was hit, police said.

Sgt. Ronald Elcock, a Tempe police spokesman, confirmed to the USA TODAY Network that the car was in autonomous mode with a driver behind the wheel when it hit the pedestrian. There were no passengers in the car at the time....     

Vladimir Putin is afraid of novices.

In reflection of Putin's long career, I believe he is afraid of novices at the head of government. When "W" came into power and overreached any authority into Iraq, Putin knew he had a problem. He had a self-righteous US President with intentions of war without cause or permission by the greater international community.

March 19, 2018

The material (click here) was meant to be sold for some 70 million dollars, reports the Turkish NTV news channel. The source of the radioactive element and the identity of its buyer remain unclear...

Three-quarters of the reason these Russians die is that they have information Russia's enemies want. Putin still believes "The West" is his enemy. It might be his, but, it is not the enemy of the Russian people.

Anarchist hacker and bitcoin developer Amir Taaki (click here) tells Haaretz about the 15 months he spent in Syria's secular oasis of Rojava, and describes his plan to foment world peace through technology

This, besides Putin's election, is the biggest joke going. It is interesting propaganda. Bitcoin is going to ensure peace breaks out everywhere. I don't think so. Especially, when considering the $70 million dollar nukes were probably paid for by bitcoin.

It is Putin's knowledge that Russia or the international community cannot replace and he knows that. He is ruthless and everyone knows that, too.

I think Putin has convinced himself he is invincible and his presence is needed to stabilize the global community, regardless, of sanctions, illegitimate war with Ukraine and their loss of Crimea. He sees war with Ukraine as an activity that protects Russians. I think he has the country convinced he is needed all the time as well. But, he isn't helping Russians and the results of this election should have been different if there were other qualified candidates running. Putin's will cannot be in leadership forever. If he is convinced he is needed internationally as a stabilizing factor; he isn't doing a good job of providing for leadership today or in the future.

He will not live forever and while he might be preserved as with Lenin, he still shows no willingness to build a solid foundation for Russia's future leadership. He was Prime Minister while Dmitry Medvedev was President. It is time for Vladimir Putin to retire. Seriously.

So, let me just say this, one of the reasons Putin and any of his ENFORCERS saw to it he won by a large margin in this election it is because he has no faith in the leadership of the USA with Donald Trump culling the entire brain trust within the federal government. Vladimir Putin knew full well what he was looking at in Trump and he knew he could handle Trump's administration. As Putin said, "...if Hillary is elected there will be a nuclear war." Vladimir Putin believes he is entitled to have a world order of his own making.

First, it was Kahn in Pakistan and now it was Anatoly Kuntsevich sabotaging peace. 

This is the map Vladimir Putin understands best because Russia still has enough power to influence the borders of Russia. The word was influence and not control.

I do not believe Anatoly acted as a rogue agent and Russia knew nothing about it. I believe Anatoly was every bit a "good Russian" as Vladimir Putin. He was ordered to share information with Syria. When one looks to this map, Turkey is bordered by Syria and the Black Sea where Crimea sits and Russia is a short swim in the Black Sea. No, Putin ordered Anatoly to teach Assad's generals the way to make bombs that would deploy chemical weapons. It just is so very obvious.

Putin would like Turkey to leave NATO and become Russia's ally. Lots of reasons including intelligence the Turkish government has through NATO. But, Russia would be receiving Turkey when it is still in chaos and Erdogan is looking to inspiring nationalism with child soldiers.

Russia's Putin doesn't have the best military and if threatened will go to nuclear weapons rather than engage in a conventional war he would lose. He has children and he does not want nuclear war, but, if he felt Russia was losing it's sovereignty he would take the leap of faith and deploy missiles. I have no doubt about that.

Vladimir Putin is dangerous, but, not because Russia has a first rate military, but, because it doesn't. An ongoing dialogue that ensures Russia its borders and its people should be part of the future paradigm of the United Nations Security Council. Russia should look to the Post-Soviet states and realize it's future is not as a possession/territory of The West, but, of an autonomous country rebuilding it's economic prowess and improving the Russian peoples' quality of life. When high ranking Russians have their own medical facility one has to realize average Russians are not happy campers and very much forced into voting in yesterday's election for the only candidate allowed to win.

Oh, one other thing, the lack of Russian tourists will weigh heavily in any of Turkey's decisions about being an ally to Russia and leaving NATO. Russia will be Turkey's ally even if it doesn't leave NATO. Turkey's western economy is dependent on peace within it's borders. A decison to be an ally to Russia will not resolve the conflict currently in Turkey, if anything it would escalate the problem.

Russians were forced into service in yesterday's election and to that end Vladimir Putin should be moving to build better leadership and resolve the lack of confidence he has in the idea of peace.

When there is no reason for war, demigods like "W" and Trump will never win the argument for invasion anywhere. The peace has to be strong and has to prove there are sovereign nations that comprise a vibrant global community. Peace and a strong peace is the answer for Russia, not forever wars.

The United Nations should dedicate election observers of Russian elections upto six months before the election day.

Putin may not have a mandate to war or otherwise. The record number of voters, including many voting for the first time, may have been impressed into service.

Vladimir Putin needs to be held responsible for the deaths in Great Britain of Expats. The Hague is the place for the human rights crimes. The Russia people are scared of him and dare not stay home on election day.

March 18, 2018
By Natalya Vasilyeva and Angela Charito

Moscow — Russia’s presidential election (click here) was tainted Sunday by unprecedented pressure on voters to turn out and incidents of suspected ballot box stuffing — a barely democratic exercise that will grant Vladimir Putin another six years of power.
His opponents have called the election a farce, but his millions of fans hail the 65-year-old former KGB officer for restoring Russian greatness and defending their proud nation from a hostile outside world.
Putin is facing seven challengers on the ballot but the outcome of the vote is pre-ordained, given his high popularity ratings. The major goal for Russian authorities is producing a big turnout that will hand Putin the legitimacy he craves and provide a convincing mandate for his fourth term. Sunday’s election is expected to further embolden the Russian president both at home and in world affairs.
Casting his ballot in Moscow, Putin seemed confident of victory, saying he would consider any percentage of votes a success....

The mysterious deaths of Russians go beyond the UK. Israel had told Russia they know Mr. Kuntsevich was providing Syria with intelligence to facilitate chemical weapons. 

It is easy to point a finger at Israel when a Russian weapons expert turns up dead of mysterious methods. The deaths in the UK are easy to find as an act by Russia, but, there are other Russians dying without reason.

I think it is Russia cleaning up their involvement in human rights abuses and use of outlawed chemical weapons. Israel had no reason to kill him. They already knew who was involved and notified Russia of his actions. It is my assumption Russia is the murderer, Russia needs to be held responsible for providing chemical weapon technology to Assad.

March 18, 2018

Anatoly Kuntsevich, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Hero of Socialist Labor Lenin Prize winner Doctor of Chemistry 

Anatoly Kuntsevich, (click here) one of the former heads of Russia's chemical weapons program who was said to be in charge of the Soviet Union's development of nerve agents in the 1970s and 1980s, was reportedly a target of Mossad, Israel's espionage agency.

Israel believed Kuntsevich was supplying his chemical weapons know-how to Syria during the 1990s and pressured Russia to cut their relationship. After Russia refused, he died under mysterious circumstances on a flight from Syria to Russia.

According to Yedioth Ahronoth's Ronen Bergman, Kuntsevich oversaw the development of Novichok, the powerful nerve agentsuspected to have been used in the poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter in the U.K. earlier this month....

It is pure foolishness to insult and seek to stop the Mueller probe.

No one knows exactly what Former Director Mueller has that needs additional clarification, but, subpoenas of Trump Company records maybe the last clarification needed for conclusions to this inquiry.

There are people implicated in wrongdoing. Mr. Mueller needs all the information he can get to solidly know the direction these arrests are going to take. President Trump has provided all the records from the White House requested. There isn't anything else President Trump needs to do at this time. 

Trump Company is managed by his son, Donald Trump, Jr. The President of the United States of America would be wrong to interfere with an investigation of a company, especially because of the conflict of interest in this case. A President interfering in a federal investigation that has lead to arrests and plea deals has questionable motives and certainly violates any ethical standard of the presidency.

I would expect Don, Jr. to receive phone calls from lawyers regarding a subpoena, but, not the President. President Trump is no longer leading the company while serving in office and received the information about subpoenas second hand. Certainly, the subpoenas were served on the President to obtain records from Trump Company.

Former Director Mueller may not be able to close this case without records housed with the Trump Company. Why put the Mueller investigation into a posture that would force trails when that might be resolved with information inside the Trump Company. I think Donald Trump needs to scold his personal attorney that started this entire mess about firing the former FBI Director. President Trump's personal attorney outside the White House was wrong to ask him to be involved. The Trump Company needs to cooperate, as the White House has done, and provide whatever documents the investigation requires. 

Clarification of facts could prevent lengthy trials. Certainly, the President of the USA isn't involved in decisions within his company now that he has taken the oath of office. I find it unfortunate, president Trump has such poor council outside the White House. His private lawyer demanded the investigation to be shut down. That is very poor lawyering. The President has no interest in those subpoena's while in office.

March 19, 2018

US President Donald Trump (click here) has been warned by fellow Republican against interfering special counsel Robert Mueller's investigations.

It came after he attacked Mr Mueller's inquiry into Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election.

In tweets at the weekend, Mr Trump reiterated that there had been "no collusion" between his team and Russia and called the probe a "witch hunt".

He added that it was dominated by "hardened Democrats".

Mr Mueller, a highly regarded former head of the FBI, is a Republican....

"Good Night, Moon"

New moon

1.6 days old

2.8 percent lit

16 March 2018
By Dylan Furness

The moon (click here) is under constant bombardment by meteorites and asteroids that can leave massive craters on its surface. The Aitken basin, the largest impact crater on the lunar surface, has a diameter equivalent to the distance from London to Athens, Greece. But not all craters are so noticeable — most are relatively insignificant.

Thousands of previously unknown craters have been spotted on the moon thanks to an artificial intelligence program designed by researchers at the University of Toronto....

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Estonia is a rising star.

I don't see problems for Estonia so long as the world is making commitments to good outcomes for smaller countries. It is our responsibility to reach out and protect people from growing dangers of the Climate Crisis.

I think the leaders of Estonia are very smart to have strong relationships with Europe, both in trade and governance.

Estonia is said to have 70% of the oil shale development. It is moving toward renewable energies and with an alliance with the EU there is no doubt it will reach it's goals. The people have to be front and center for Estonia. In the northeast region of Ida-Viru the oil shale industry pollutes the air, water and soil. It is causing serious health problems with higher rates of respiratory and cardiovascular disorders. That is not acceptable. So while looking for a strong economy selling power on the grid, it needs to reclaim the land in Ida-Viru to return well being to the citizens there.

Estonia's ambitions in green energy should impress the world. I am confident with France as a good friend, the Estonians will achieve a better quality of life, especially for the children. Children exposed to impacts of pollution develop lung disease at an early age.

There is every reason to be optimistic about Estonians future.

In a different light, the USA has yet to be a solid partner with a global community moving toward far lower emissions of GHG. I found the dedication of Governor Brown and Henry Henderson of the NRDC important. I think they can harness the will of mayors across the country to turn the corner on the Climate Crisis. 

Cities have rights similar to State's Rights. City governance doesn't end with deciding where to put the next traffic light. Elected city officials can find cooperation between each other and set common goals and timelines.

There is no reason to believe the federal government is the do all or end all for funding either. President Trump has stated there are significant tax cuts for Americans this year. If local officials explain a project that will ultimately provide safe, green energy at reasonable cost; the electorate will most probably see their tax decrease this year as an investment for their children in a one-time funding of such ventures.

I have hope for Estonia and the mayors with vision and commitment. If the young team that went to the Winter Olympics this year is an indication of Estonia's future, it is very ambitious. It appears as though Estonia is rebuilding it's Olympic dreams.

...At Pyeongchang, Estonia (click here) is represented by 22 athletes from six sports (click here): alpine skiing, biathlon, cross-country skiing, Nordic combined, ski jumping and speed skating. Out of the 22 athletes, twelve are making their Olympic debut. The youngest athletes of Team Estonia are 17-year old alpine skier Tormis Laine and ski jumper Kevin Maltsev. The most senior of the team is biathlete Roland Lessing; the 39-year-old is competing in his fifth Olympic Games....

February 21, 2018

Henry Henderson is with the NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council).

Citing concerns (click here) about the impacts of the climate crisis on communities across the United States, mayors representing more than 51 million Americans have come out against efforts at the nation's top environmental agency to repeal the Clean Power Plan, an Obama administration rule that aimed to cut carbon emissions from power plants.

In a letter addressed to Scott Pruitt, the Trump-appointed EPA administrator, 236 mayors from 47 states wrote, "We strongly oppose the proposed repeal of the Clean Power Plan, which would put our citizens at risk and harm our efforts to address the urgent threat of climate change."

"Communities across the country are experiencing the effects of climate change today: sea level rise; hotter, longer, and more frequent heat waves; increased extreme weather; and many other harmful impacts," they noted. "Residents of our communities have experienced harmful impacts of climate change such as dirtier air, increased heat-related illnesses and deaths, damaged and disappearing coastlines, longer droughts and other strains on water quantity and quality, and increasingly frequent and severe storms and wildfires."

"No one is insulated from the impacts of climate change—people in cities of all sizes, along with suburban and rural communities are all at risk," they continued. "Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is essential to protect our citizens against the worst impacts of climate change."...

What would we do without Jerry Brown? He has been in public service all his life. He is an inspirational person.

March 18, 2018

The Global Climate Action Summit, (click here) coming up in September in San Francisco, is the brainchild of California’s 79-year-old outgoing governor Jerry Brown, one of the country’s great crusaders for cutting carbon emissions despite lack of federal interest in solving the climate crisis.

The purpose of the forthcoming 2018 Global Climate Action Summit — scheduled to take place Sept. 12-14 in San Francisco, Calif. — is to showcase the actions that state and local leaders, businesses, investors, scientists, students, non-profits and other so-called “sub-national actors” have taken to reduce their emissions already. Organizers hope to secure bold commitments from them to do even more, thus showing that decarbonization and economic growth go hand-in-hand and galvanizing a global movement for climate action that leaves no one behind.

This new international meeting is the brainchild of California’s 79-year-old outgoing governor Jerry Brown, one of the country’s great crusaders for cutting carbon emissions despite lack of federal interest in solving the climate crisis. According to Brown, subnational actors are a critical part of the climate solution and can help push the world’s leaders to go further, faster. These leaders will join citizens from around the world to showcase examples of major climate action initiatives already taking place without the aid of the federal government. They hope to inspire deeper commitments from each other and from national governments in support of the Paris Agreement....                   

Tallinn – According to the plan of the Government Office's working group, (click here) Estonia should be ready as soon as possible to sell renewable energy statistics exceeding Estonia's goal to other countries of the European Union.

"Our objective is to be ready to participate in the renewable energy statistics trade market as soon as possible to benefit as much from it as possible. In order to do so, the Government Office's coordinate working group also offered concrete proposals," Henry Kattago, strategy director of the Government Office, said in a press release after a meeting with the government's economic development committee.

The committee decided to take the following steps when preparing for the sale of the statistical units of renewable energy -- a sales expert dealing with renewable energy statistics trade will start work at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. In addition, the ministry will gather a renewable energy statistics trade working group, which will include representatives of both the renewable energy sector and the state.

There have been objectives set in the European Union on the size of the share of renewable energy in the consumption of energy. Estonia has already exceeded the EU's goal set for the end of 2020, which is 25 percent of consumption. This allows Estonia to sell those amounts that exceed the renewable energy goal to another country that has yet to exceed the amount...

Oh, they are serious. Very serious.

Image result for estonia wind turbinesNovember 24, 2015

A 100 turbine (click here) offshore wind farm is being planned off the Estonian coast near Saaremaa, the country’s largest Island. 

The wind farm will be built by Estonian company, Saare Wind Energy, and reports suggest they have sent their building application to the Ministry of Economic Affairs this week.
The wind farm will be between 10 and 27 km off the coast of Saaremaa and will cover an area of approximately 100 square km. The project is set to cost €1.7 billion and will produce power by the beginning of 2022, according to the company.
Estonia is already a significant producer and user of renewable energy, with 17.3% of electricity coming from renewable sources. 43% of this comes from wind energy alone.
A number of other wind farm projects are currently under construction, and Estonia is set to be the largest producer of wind energy in the Baltics in the coming years.