Saturday, October 21, 2017

Sources and methods have to be protected. I think it is wrong to withhold the documents otherwise and especially for political reasons.

The Census Bureau has the "72-year rule." (click here) to protect people still living from becoming a target for whatever reason. That rule was written in 1978 when the longevity of Americans were 77.3 years for women and 69.6 years for men. Since it is a man's life in the USA, the rule was written to protect all men and some women.

October 9, 2017
By Larry Copeland

Life expectancy in the USA rose in 2012 to 78.8 years – a record high.

That was an increase of 0.1 year from 2011 when it was 78.7 years, according to a new report on mortality in the USA from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Health Statistics.

The news is a little better for women, a little worse for men. Life expectancy for females is 81.2 years; for males, it's 76.4 years. That difference of 4.8 years is the same as in 2011....

To some extent the USA holds an obligation to protect it's agents and their family from information that could place them in danger. So, considering women live now to the average age of 81.2 years, the "72 Year Rule" needs to be updated. The "72 Year Rule" needs to become the "82 Year Rule." 

What does this have to do with the Kennedy documents? Simple. If there are agents or sources that worked on the case, still living and vulnerable to potential danger or exploitation for whatever strange reasons exist, they should be protected. It does not mean the documents can't be released, but, the Americans involved in the investigation need to be given the protection of their work that would expose them on a personal basis in any means that manifests.

October 21, 2017
By Ian Shapira

...“It’s great news that the president is focused on this (click here) and that he’s trying to demonstrate transparency. But the question remains whether he will open the library in full — every word in every document, as the law requires,” Shenon said. “And my understanding is that he won’t without infuriating people at the CIA and elsewhere who are determined to keep at least some of the information secret, especially in documents created in the 1990s.”

Jefferson Morley, a former Post reporter who has studied the Kennedy assassination records for years, said the last tranche of material is also intriguing because it contains files on senior CIA officials from the 1960s — officers well aware of Oswald’s activities in the days before the assassination.

On Saturday morning, Stone, the Trump confidant, was rejoicing on Twitter.

“Yes! Victory!” he tweeted.                       

The diplomatic efforts of President Vladimir Putin and it's economic content.

So, hungry Russians looking for an economy have found a friend in Vladimir Putin.

No war in Afghanistan. No war in Iraq. What does the USA need all those Air Force pilots for anyway?

October 21, 2017

Moscow (click here) is for constructive dialogue between Baghdad and Kurdistan, the ministry added.

During al-Jaafari’s visit to Moscow on Oct. 23-25, the minister will also take part in the meeting of Iraqi-Russian intergovernmental commission with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin.

They plan to discuss projects of Russian oil and gas companies in Iraq during the meeting, the statement said.

Iraqi oil minister Jabar al-Luaibi said earlier on Saturday he had sought clarification from Russia’s biggest oil company Rosneft about contracts it signed with Kurdistan.

Rosneft “assured that the contracts are preliminary and not ready for implementation,” the minister said in Baghdad. Rosneft agreed on Thursday to take control of Iraqi Kurdistan’s main oil pipeline, boosting its investment in the region....                         

What in the ?????????????????

Osama bin Laden is dead.

October 21, 2017
By Morgan Winsor

The United States Air Force (click here) could recall as many as 1,000 retired military pilots to active-duty service to address an acute shortage in its ranks.

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Friday allowing the Air Force to call back to service up to 1,000 retired aviation officers who wish to return, the White House and the Pentagon announced.

By law, only 25 retired pilots can be recalled through voluntary programs to serve in any one branch. Trump's executive order temporarily removes this limit by expanding a state of national emergency declared by President George W. Bush after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001 as part of efforts "to mitigate the Air Force's acute shortage of pilots," according to Pentagon spokesman Navy Commander Gary Ross....

...On Friday, the government announced it was going further with a recall of retirees into active service.

"We anticipate that the Secretary of Defense will delegate the authority to the Secretary of the Air Force to recall up to 1,000 retired pilots for up to three years," Ross said in a statement Friday. "The pilot supply shortage is a national level challenge that could have adverse effects on all aspects of both the government and commercial aviation sectors for years to come,"

Excuse me? The graduates of the Aviation School at the University of North Dakota are waiting.

The Department of Aviation (click here) at the John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences is your best choice when preparing for a career in aviation. We offer a liberal arts core curriculum combined with a comprehensive professional aviation education in a specialty of your choice. Here in the heartland of the United States, you will get all-season flight training that will make your learning experience at UND exciting, rewarding, and fun....

Trump is eliminating the effects of the REPUBLICAN TAX CUTS under Obama.

Due to the constrained fiscal environment of the past few years, (click here) the Air Force continues to prioritize capability over capacity. Air Force leadership has also made it clear that near-term reductions will be made in lift, command and control, and fourth-generation fighter aircraft to ensure that its top three modernization programs—the F-35A, Long-Range Strike Bomber (LRS-B), and KC-46A—are preserved. The USAF is now the oldest and smallest in its history, and as the demand for air power continues to increase, the problem of capacity limiting capability will continue to grow. Unlike some of the other services, the Air Force did not grow during the post-9/11 buildup  Rather, it got smaller as older aircraft were retired and replacement programs, such as the F-35, experienced successive delays in bringing new aircraft into the fleet....

So, Trump is returning all the spending to the military negotiated under the Republican cuts, but, abandon the ACA. The increase (not the military budget) of military spending is three times the annual military budget of Canada.

The USA is now an official banana republic. Cut Medicare, sure. Cut Medicaid, sure. Cut food stamps, sure. But, cut defense spending that is already multiple times that of any other country on Earth, never.

March 16, 2017
By Kuang Keng Juek Ser

President Donald Trump (click here) proposed drastic cuts in spending on the arts, science, foreign aid and environmental protection Thursday, in a security-focused budget blueprint that could struggle to pass Congress.
Translating hardline campaign promises into dollar-and-cent commitments, the Republican leader proposed scrapping dozens of programs like public broadcasting and climate funding, while boosting Pentagon spending by $52 billion.
Trump, in the preface to the spending proposal, described it as "a budget that puts America first," and that makes safety and security the "number one priority — because without safety, there can be no prosperity."
The State Department and the Environmental Protection Agency would be the biggest losers, seeing their funding reduced by around one-third.
Defense would be the biggest winner, with a $52 billion increase that amounts to more than three times Canada's total military expenditures in 2015. Trump's budget, if passed, would reverse an eight-year downward trend in military spending under Barack Obama....
How many generals in this administration? How many? Everyone remember SEQUESTRATION?

You know the Budget Control Act of 2011 after the Republicans gained seats in the US House and Senate? 


Remember the crash of 2008? The global economic collapse? The collapse that plummeted USA tax revenues while the Recovery Act was necessary to help put the USA economy back on track, which it did.

Well, Trump doesn't like to be hemmed in by past Republican budgets.

March 16, 2017
By Annie Lowry

Six years ago, (click here) in the first act of a budgetary drama, a group of aggrieved legislators hung a daft gun over the mantle. Now, in its third act, it is set to fire.

The gun is the arcane fiscal tool called sequestration, and it now poses a mortal threat to President Trump’s budgetary agenda, announced in greater—if hardly great—detail today. One might think that Trump’s proposal would be easily pass through the Republican Congress, as it expands the security budget and winnows much of the rest of the government. Many Republicans are defense hawks seeking more money to fight ISIS and modernize the armed forces. Many others are budget hawks bent on cutting Washington down to size.

Yet the proposal is dead on arrival. To appropriate funding as the White House wants, Trump would need to repeal or subvert sequestration. To do that, he would need to overcome the threat of a Senate filibuster. To do that, he would need to woo some number of Democrats. To do that, he would need to overhaul his budget figures. And in doing that, Trump would almost certainly lose too many Republican votes to pass his budget....

Trump's Senate has passed a $1.5 trillion DEFICIT. Not a $1.5 trillion budget, but, a budget that will add $1.5 trillion to the National Deficit and Debt.

The Obama Recovery Act cost $831 billion over ten years between 2009 and 2019.

October 19, 2017
By Lisa Mascaro

Senate Republicans (click here) overcame internal divisions late Thursday to approve a 2018 budget that will increase the deficit by $1.5 trillion over 10 years to allow for President Trump’s proposed tax cuts.

Passage of the GOP’s budget blueprint is a largely symbolic exercise, but it sets the stage for smoother passage of Trump’s upcoming tax cuts. It will include special instructions that allow for passage of a tax plan by a simple majority, without threat of a Senate filibuster to block it....
436 Afghan Children Killed due to war in first half of 2017.

Afghan women and children are the most vulnerable people to the Proxy War with Russia and Iran in Afghanistan.

$840.7 billion US 

August 23, 2017
By Steve Mufson

...Direct U.S. spending on the war in Afghanistan (click here) will rise to approximately $840.7 billion if the president’s fiscal year 2018 budget is approved, according to Anthony Cordesman, a military strategy expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. That includes the total cost estimated by the Congressional Research Service for the 2001 to 2014 fiscal years, and money from the Defense Department’s overseas contingency budgets for the fiscal years 2015 to 2018....

The Taliban is funded by the opium trade in Afghanistan. It was one of the reasons there was a forum with Jack Ma of Alibaba to bring a globalist economy to Afghanistan.

It can work IF Alibaba finds a way to provide raw materials so industry to produce consumer goods occurs in Afghanistan. The Afghan people need jobs. They need a normal economy that will end the opium industry.

India, as a USA ally, is looking toward peace through diplomacy for Afghanistan.

September 29, 2017

Afghanistan’s chief executive Abdullah Abdullah shakes hands with foreign secretary S. Jaishankar during the 24th Sapru House Lecture at Indian Council for World Affairs, in New Delhi on Friday. 

Afghan chief executive Abdullah Abdullah (click here) on Friday said the doors were open for talks with the rebel Taliban against the backdrop of the US announcing a reworked South Asia policy that promises to stay the course in the war-torn country and seemingly putting talks with the insurgent group on the back burner.
In New Delhi on a two-day visit, Abdullah also called on countries in the neighbourhood not to make any distinction between the Islamic State, which had established a presence in some provinces of Afghanistan, and the Taliban who have been fighting the US-backed Ashraf Ghani government in Kabul.
In an address to the Indian Council on World Affairs think tank, Abdullah welcomed the revamped US policy on Afghanistan but also stressed the importance of unity within the various sections of Afghan society.

Abdullah said that the “doors for peace talks will always be open... hopefully the groups that are fighting will be convinced to sever links with terrorism and terror networks and to work for their own country”....

The Taliban thought they would be successful in ending the economic trade show on behalf of Afghanistan. It went forward anyway.

September 27, 2017

New Delhi: Rebel rocket attacks on Kabul airport (click here) on Wednesday scuttled Afghan chief executive Abdullah Abdullah’s plans to open a one of its kind three-day India-Afghanistan trade and investment show in New Delhi on Wednesday but the event was inaugurated by Indian and US government officials.
The fair, supported by the US Agency for International Aid and the government of India, will showcase Afghan products like carpets, gems, dry fruits and marble as well as opportunities for investment in areas like education and health.

In the absence of Abdullah Abdullah, Indian finance minister Arun Jaitley and chargé d’affaires of the US embassy in Delhi, MaryKay Carlson, inaugurated the event....

Diplomacy is the only way forward for Afghanistan now. Why? Because idiotic "W" and Cheney DIVERTED the USA forces to Iraq for oil. That's why and the Taliban reconstituted in Pakistan.

As long as there are Americans in Afghanistan, there will be radicals that will come to fight. The Taliban won't accept negotiations that leave the USA military in place.

October 17, 2017

Negotiators (click here) from Afghanistan, China, Pakistan and the United States met in Oman on October 16 to try to find ways of reviving peace talks with the Afghan Taliban.

It was not clear whether any Taliban militants had joined the talks, which have so far failed to restart a peace process that collapsed in 2015.

Taliban sources have said they would stay away from the discussions in Muscat, casting doubt on prospects for reviving the long-stalled negotiations.

Pakistani officials said the talks had resumed on Pakistan's initiative. The Pakistani team was led by Foreign Secretary Tehmina Janjua.

The Afghan team, led by Deputy Foreign Minister Hekmat Khalil Karzai, said the talks would focus on relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan and implementing Pakistan's commitments to fight terrorism....

The USA is running a proxy war in Afghanistan. That is all the USA is doing. There is no other reason for the USA to be in Afghanistan. NONE!

It must be The Domino Effect AGAIN! There has to be a reason somewhere in the world to keep the "War Machine Lobby" in business.

April 13, 2017
By Erin Cunningham
 Iran and Russia (click here) have stepped up challenges to U.S. power in Afghanistan, American and Afghan officials say, seizing on the uncertainty of future U.S. policy to expand ties with the Taliban and weaken the country’s Western-backed government.

The moves come as tensions have flared between the United States, Iran and Russia over the conflict in Syria, and officials worry that the fallout could hurt Afghanistan’s chances for peace. For years, Iran and Russia have pushed for a U.S. withdrawal.

Now, as the Taliban gains ground and the White House appears to lack a clear Afghan policy, Iran and Russia have boosted support for insurgents and sidelined the United States from regional diplomacy on the war.

Russia on Friday will host high-level talks on Afghanistan with Iranian, Pakistani and Chinese diplomats, the Kremlin said. But the United States, irked by Moscow’s recent outreach to the Taliban, has not confirmed whether it will attend.

Russia has “begun to publicly legitimize the Taliban,” and recent Russian and Iranian actions in Afghanistan “are to undermine the United States and NATO,” the top commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, Army Gen. John Nicholson Jr., said in Senate testimony in February....

The thing is "What Domino Effect?" India? Really? Lookey thar, Iran is carrying out a two front war. In Iraq against Daesh and now in Afghanistan with Russia against the USA. Interesting. Iran? Conventional warfare to defeat the USA?

We never belonged in Iraq. 

We don't belong in Afghanistan.

We no longer do!

Helmand Province CANNOT be solved. It never could be solved.

April 29, 2017

US Marines returned to Afghanistan's volatile Helmand (click here) Saturday, where American troops faced heated fighting until NATO's combat mission ended in 2014, as embattled Afghan security forces struggle to beat back the resurgent Taliban.

The deployment of some 300 Marines to the poppy-growing southern province came one day after the militants announced the launch of their "spring offensive," and as the Trump administration seeks to craft a new strategy in Afghanistan.

Commander of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan General John Nicholson attended a handover ceremony marking the return of the prestigious force, the first Marines in Afghanistan since 2014, an AFP photographer said.

Part of a regular troop rotation announced in January under the Obama administration, they will arrive in stages, eventually numbering some 300 who will take part in NATO's train, assist and advise mission.

Helmand for years was the centerpiece of the US and British military intervention in Afghanistan — only for it to slip deeper into a quagmire of instability.

The Taliban effectively control or contest 10 of Helmand's 14 districts, blighted by a huge opium harvest that helps fund the insurgency....

This is a documentary these American soldiers WANTED to make to be hear. What are you all waiting for?

I think the fact General Kelly is being exposed in his grief is unacceptable.

No other father of a dead Marine, officer or otherwise, is in the spotlight to expose his grief. I think President Trump's comments were wrong, very political and indecent. The fact Trump was crude and rude does not pass the flag to Kelly to solve the tabloid facts to the media.

Current Chief of Staff John Kelly has a very important role to play in the country's protections and it's business. He needs to be left to that job and not dragged back into a personal grief.

I think if the media wants to explore the relationship the military and its families have with the country, it is a difficult and possibly impossible task.

The military has a job to do. It has, in decades since Vietnam, been asked to protect the country when there was no profound danger to the USA. The Domino Theory was the asinine reason for Vietnam. Yet, we lost over 50,000 troops and the dead in Vietnam was more than a million.

If there is to be a conversation about the USA military, it's families and the role the country has asked it to play, start there. Start with the fact the Vietnam War was AMONG the most unjustified use of the USA military. Start there and then go forward. What will be discovered is that the American citizen, in the role of a military soldier, is completely and absolutely disrespected for the sacrifice when the decision to go to war includes idiocy and greed. 

START THERE!  Not with a grieving father that happens to be a General.

Start with the fact there are times BY DESIGN when the only place for a high school graduate to find work is in military service. Then realize that soldier is defending a country that sends him or her into a war theater for the purpose of Wall Street greed. THEN, ask the families about the honor their son or daughter felt when he/she served in contrast to the the travesty of that death. Go ahead. But, don't give the American media an uptick in ratings to bolster the wrong way forward of the next idiotic war of this country!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Children without water in Flint, while another child looks out for her peers.

October 19, 2017

We check back in with Jeneyah McDonald, (click here) whom we first met nearly two years ago. McDonald, who lives in Flint, Mich., says she still doesn't have drinking water.


Ever since the water crisis in Flint began, we've been checking in with Jeneyah McDonald. I first arrived at her house in February of last year. She was making dinner and trying to teach her boys to stay away from the water. They were 2 and 6 years old at the time.


JENEYAH MCDONALD: I don't know any way to explain to a 6-year-old why can't take a bath anymore every day, why you can't help mommy wash the dishes anymore. So I told him it's poison, and that way he'll know I'm serious. Don't play with it even when I'm not looking. If this is poison, I better not touch it.

SHAPIRO: And Jeneyah McDonald joins us once again now from her home in Flint. Jeneyah, it's so good to talk to you again.

MCDONALD: Oh, it's always good to talk to you, Ari.

SHAPIRO: Boy, it's been more than a year and a half since we first met. Are you still using bottled water for everything?

MCDONALD: Every day.


MCDONALD: Nothing has changed.

SHAPIRO: Nothing has changed.

MCDONALD: Nothing....

In the story below an 11 year old discovered a way to test the water for lead. She did so in less time it has taken for the water to be returned to Jeneyah McDonald. There is something wrong with the expediency this is occurring in Flint.

October 20, 2017
By Laurel Wamsley

When the drinking water in Flint, Mich., (click here) became contaminated with lead, causing a major public health crisis, 11-year-old Gitanjali Rao took notice.

"I had been following the Flint, Michigan, issue for about two years," the seventh-grader told ABC News. "I was appalled by the number of people affected by lead contamination in water."

She saw her parents testing the water in their own home in Lone Tree, Colo., and was unimpressed by the options, which can be slow, unreliable or both.

"I went, 'Well, this is not a reliable process and I've got to do something to change this,' " the seventh-grader told Business Insider.

While Rao was doing her weekly perusal of MIT's Materials Science and Engineering website to see "if there's anything's new," she tells ABC that she read about new technologies that could detect hazardous substances, and decided to see if they could be adapted to test for lead....

...And she set about devising a more efficient solution: a device that could identify lead compounds in water, and was portable and relatively inexpensive....

October 21, 2016

...But even if there aren’t hard statistics, (click here) the problem of racial bias among police isn’t new. In fact, it’s been a concern of the FBI for at least a decade. Exactly 10 years ago this week, the FBI warned of the potential consequences — including bias — of white supremacist groups infiltrating local and state law enforcement, indicating it was a significant threat to national security....

FOX News had two new racist terms today.

"Rogue police"

"Dysfunctional Black Neighborhoods"

They were both used in reference to the killing of unarmed young black men.

Rogue police? Really? Heck, there sure seems to be a lot of them to be considered rogue.

October 19, 2017
By Elvia Malagon

...Earlier this year, (click here) three current or former Chicago police officers were indicted on charges of conspiring to cover up alleged wrongdoing by Van Dyke. Detective David March and Officers Joseph Walsh and Thomas Gaffney are accused of creating police reports with false information in an attempt to prevent a criminal investigation into the shooting....

And this is just one dead African American.

October 20, 2017
By Breanna Edwards

Well, (click here) if you wanted evidence as to how little this country values black lives, look no further than Tulsa, Okla., where a white former reserve deputy (aka a wannabe cop) walked out of prison, scot-free, after serving less than half of his already meager four-year sentence for killing an unarmed black man.

Robert Bates, 76, was released from North Fork Correction Center in Sayre, Okla., on Thursday morning after serving 497 days. That’s a little more than 16 months for killing Eric Harris. Bates is expected to serve probation for the remainder of his sentence, according to the Associated Press. 

Oklahoma Department of Corrections spokesperson Matt Elliot said that Bates earned earlier release through good behavior, not because his case was given precedence over others....

October 20, 2017
By Andrew Knapp

An 86-year-old unarmed black motorist in Kingstree (click here) was jolted with a Taser because the white police officer who stopped him expressed worry that the wandering dementia patient would be hit by a car.

Albert Chatfield remained hospitalized in intensive care Friday, four days after being injured during the confrontation in the small town two hours north of Charleston, family members said.

His loved ones and their attorney bemoaned the officer’s use of force as unconstitutional and unnecessary in corralling an elderly motorist who posed no threat to police....

...University of South Carolina law professor Seth Stoughton, a former officer, said Kingstree’s explanation of the encounter draws a conclusion about why force was used without giving necessary details to support it. Stoughton called the case "problematic."

“The court has been very clear that officers can use Tasers to defend themselves or defend someone else who is being attacked,” he said. “I have yet to see an officer who would legitimately fear your average unarmed 86-year-old.”

Scrutiny of police uses of force, particularly against black people, has spread nationwide in recent years. Much attention has focused on shootings, including the 2015 killing of Walter Scott by a North Charleston officer....

The odds for 86 year olds don't seem to be getting better. If that is dysfunction, then it belongs to the cops, not the community.

January 26, 2016

New York  -- Police in Brooklyn (click here) were looking for a suicidal man in his 20s. 

They found an 86-year-old man cooking soup in the kitchen.

He had a knife in one hand and an onion in the other. That's when police tasered him.

He's lucky to be alive and now he's suing.

John Antoine came to this country from Trinidad 45 years ago. He's the father of six and has more grandchildren than he can count....

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Sputnik (for as much as one can believe Sputnik):

October 10, 2017

Remarkable progress (click here) was achieved with signing the Minsk peace agreements which ended violence in the war-torn east of Ukraine. However, the bill on the reintegration of the eastern regions adopted by the Ukrainian authorities runs counter to the agreements and threatens to ruin the whole architecture of the political settlement.

Moscow (Sputnik) — Russia has been and will continue to be a guarantor of the Minsk agreements that lay out the conditions for the peaceful resolution of the conflict between Kiev and regions in eastern Ukraine, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Thursday.

The Minsk peace accords lay out a detailed 13 point-roadmap toward the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis. First and foremost, the agreements stipulate a complete ceasefire and withdrawal of all heavy weapons in order to create a security zone. However, the accords extend beyond a cessation of hostilities as they also include implementation of fundamental reforms in Ukraine in order to decentralize power and give to the Donetsk and Lugansk regions a special status....

The real problem for Russia in regard to Ukraine, is one of ADMITTING Ukraine is a highly dynamic country with many successful businesses. Russia has to realize Ukraine is friendly to Europe as it was friendly to Russia under Yanukovych.

Ukrainians are strongly interested in democracy and the free market. They have no desire to return to it's past identity when USSR had a nuclear site aimed at Europe. Ukrainians had lived so long as a shield for Russia in harboring its nuclear facilities, the desire for peace is overwhelming.

Ukraine harbors little patience with Russia's desire to hold onto it. This is not unique among the post Soviet states. They are along Europe, as is St. Petersburg. These wonderful people see impoverishment to it's Russian border and prosperity to it's European border. Hello? The idea these countries are going to see Russia as their future is extremely naive.

Russia has to move forward as a BRIC country. We are all waiting for that reality. When Russia finally gets caught up with the rest of the world in attempting to have strong economies that IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF LIFE of the people it will receive more and better attention to change to benevolent relationships in the future. I admire the fact Russia, as a communist country, seeks to take care of the Russian people regardless of the economic voracity of the country, but, to the young people looking to the future this is not the path they seek.

Sometimes, I think Russia is caught up in its international image that enforces the global balance of power as an antagonist to the USA. If Russia were to have a profile of economic strength that trades with post Soviet states engaged in a relationship with Europe as well; would countries such as North Korea trust Russia with diplomatic missions? That is a problem for Russia.

Quite frankly, North Korea has plenty reason to fear it's neighbors. Russia and China are not minor players in the nuclear membership of the world. North Korea has to know it is conducting scientific investigation into nuclear warfare that is not grounded in good science and is dangerous. North Korea has to know in it's poorly practiced, 'hit and miss' nuclear science, is viewed in limited patience with it's nuclear agenda. I would think the USA is the least of North Korea's worry if it continues down this path. I am confident President Putin balances North Korea's sovereignty with the safety of the Russian people. I would think, in that reality, lies a Russia that does not have to compromise an economy for it's nuclear identity. The two should be compatible and incorporated into a country that embraces the future and safety of it's children on all counts.

President Putin denies involvement in the 2016 elections. Well, as a man that seems to like Donald Trump and respects him as the properly elected President, I would expect President Putin to deny those allegations. In that, President Putin should not take offense to the fact there is an ongoing investigation that the American people believes necessary. These investigations are to uphold the laws of the USA and protect from such interference no matter the source. To that end I would expect President Putin and Russia to realize the American people, no different than Russians, want to know what is happening in the country's  elections.

During the panel discussion today, it was mentioned the USA interferes in almost every election in the world. If that is the case, then where is the evidence in a UN resolution? I would not be surprised there is USA interference. The past of the USA can expose a great deal of harm to other countries through methods of intelligence. If Americans realize the extent the USA has tentacles into the world, they might view interference into it's elections with enlightenment and not a means to an end that will result in stupid war. 

It is interesting to realize the USA values intelligence that provides advantage to USA national security, but, when that intelligence capacity is turned to domestic policy that effects national security, attacks such as 911 are somehow overlooked. Odd, isn't it? Then again, not so odd when realizing an invasion into Afghanistan was then abandoned for a war in Iraq that benefited Halliburton. In that reality, the compilation of USA interference in other countries should be interesting.

The RT broadcast was more than interesting to me. It was good to see everyone again. I hope this talk by Alibaba of instilling an economy in Afghanistan goes forward to make the country stronger. In realizing the ideas of the Afghan economy has come this far, it is no surprise then that the Taliban are coming into compliance as well.

The OAC.

June 7, 2013

Minsk,7 June (BelTA) – President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko (click here) has presented a banner to the Operational and Analytical Center under the Aegis of the President of Belarus (OAC), BelTA informs. The banner will serve as a symbol of honor, valor and glory, a reminder of the sacred duty to defend the Fatherland.

“The banner presented to the Operational and Analytical Center is acknowledgement of its high status as a government agency responsible for the national security. Over the five years since it was established, the center has made extraordinary progress and has demonstrated great professionalism in addressing a variety of challenges. The center’s staff are courageous and honest people who are devoted to what they do and who always justify the trust put in them,” the President wrote in his message to the OAC....

Live event on RT.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, (click here) former Afghan President Hamid Karzai and the co-founder of e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, Jack Ma, are taking part in a discussion panel at the 14th Annual Meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club in Sochi.

Alibaba is instant infrastructure. (click here) They offer everything but the kitchen sink and there may be a few of those. Alibaba is non-productive for local economies. Local economies are labor intensive and provide real jobs to people. But, in the case of Afghanistan, Alibaba will provide ideas, supplies and raw materials to begin their economy on a more modern path. 

Former President Karzai would be interested in Afghanistan and it's future. I am not surprised he is looking for economic alliances with Russia and in the case of Alibaba, China. Karzai, from the beginning of the USA invasion into Afghanistan, never denied Afghanistan's need for relationships with it's neighbors. Karzai, early on in the USA invasion, asked "W" for a summit with Iran to realize a greater peace for the region. "W" declined. 

Alibaba is incorrect. Computers are not smarter than people, although AI provides a danger to the human race; but, computers are made by people and are not smarter than people.

Computers are an enhancement to the human experience. Alibaba is an internet company similar to Amazon. It is understandable how a CEO involved with a densely computer based company would worship the idea computers are more intelligent than people. Such CEOs want to believe computers can control their markets.

To the human race, really?

This gives me a chance to visit the reality of the USA military. The battle for Raqqa is being touted in the US media as a victory for Trump. The facts are plan and in order to find the complexity and reporting supporting the truth has to be taken from Al Jazeera (Al Jazeera has mastered the reporting of intense fighting that occurs in the Middle East. The USA calls it "Urban Warfare."):

It was the Peshmerga that concluded the defeat of Daesh. The Peshmerga is maintaining the occupation currently. This is a background article from March of 2017. The Peshmerga has a deep interest in the Syrian Kurds.

March 28, 2017
By Mariya Petkova

...For the past two months, (click here) US allies have waited impatiently for an outline of Washington's strategy to capture the city from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS).

Defeating ISIL was claimed to be President Donald Trump's top foreign policy priority shortly after his inauguration. Capturing Raqqa has come to be viewed as the high point of his administration's strategy to take on the group. However, instead of proceeding with a plan that the Obama administration had prepared, Trump's team dismissed it and in late January asked the Pentagon to submit a new one.

The Pentagon's proposal turned out to be very much in line with Obama's plan: to rely on the SDF.

Turkey, a key US ally, has decried Washington's intentions, considering one of the SDF's main constituents - the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) - a "terrorist" organisation. Alternately, Ankara has proposed using the lose formation of Syrian rebel factions under the umbrella of its Euphrates Shield operation to launch the offensive on Raqqa. The Euphrates Shield forces advanced as far as Al Bab, west of Raqqa, but their progress has been blocked by Syria's regime forces. 

Another scenario suggested that the Turkish-backed rebel groups enter into Syria through Tal Abyad, currently under SDF control and most likely will be fiercely opposed by the YPG. According to a third  proposal, a Syrian Kurdish force -  Peshmerga, trained by the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) that is sympathetic to Ankara, would join the fight against ISIL in Syria and potentially the battle for Raqqa. This has also been rejected both by its Syrian Peshmerga commanders and by the YPG, which is hostile to the KRG.

Turkey's main argument for its participation has been that Raqqa needs to be liberated by an Arab-majority force, but the Kurdish-dominated SDF, it argues, is not and, therefore, will not be able to govern the city afterwards.

Arab nations participating in the US-led international anti-ISIL coalition, such as  Saudi Arabia and Jordan, have hinted at their participation - presenting a possible alternative - but no concrete proposals have been put forward.

Russia, too, has expressed its interest in participating in the battle, with defence ministry spokesman Konashenkov saying that "all forces fighting terrorism" must unite in order to capture Raqqa....

The facts are clear. There is absolutely no reason for the USA to become involved in Syria OR a threat to Iran. The region has been through enormous use of national resources to end a regime that grew under "W."

There is no reason for the USA to destabilize the region further than it had when Daesh launched a caliphate and killed ungodly numbers of innocent people.

October 7, 2017
By Louisa Loveluck and Liz Sly

...Perhaps more importantly, (click here) the Trump administration has not yet indicated whether it is prepared to stay on in northeastern Syria to provide protection for the fledgling ministate being forged by Syria’s Kurds. The experience over the past two days of the Kurds in neighboring Iraq may embolden the Syrian government to challenge the Syrian Kurdish enclave once the Islamic State is vanquished, just as the Iraqi government has moved to dislodge Kurdish forces from the oil-rich city of Kirkuk and other areas they controlled.

Syrian government officials have spoken on several occasions about their determination to regain control over all of the territory they lost to the rebellion against President Bashar al-Assad, including the area controlled by the Kurds.

“What would be disastrous for Syrian Kurds is a rapid U.S. drawdown in Syria. It would take away their major foreign patron,” said Nicholas A. Heras of the Center for a New American Security....

I remind. The global community has locked arms to end Daesh and it's charismatic movement. No one should be seeking to divide any of the military forces in this effort to end the occupation of Daesh in Raqqa. Carrying forward stability and a people's government to rebuild an economy is vital to Syria. A stable Syria will anchor a far better peace for the region.

I also remind, Syria has been the home of the Shi'ite Crescent. Plans to end the legitimate presence of Shi'ites is to be considered genocide. Iran is the country that carries the greatest concern for the Shi'ites in all their manifestation, including it's diaspora.

The manifestation of a continued civil war MUST be discouraged. The Syrian future depends on mutual respect for all religions within it's borders. The end of human rights is paramount to this goal.

The region has had enough of war and needs stability. The stability of the region should be paramount to the USA and not another immoral and illegal war into Iran.

The USA media tends to find better circulation numbers when providing "The Flag" at war. This false focus will never be tolerated by most Americans. Just sayin'.


President Putin is talking about START (click here). This was the treaty "W" cancelled and wrote a 3 page document instead. Putin is correct, the USA has been playing a dangerous game. He stated Russia is still interested in START, but, believes the USA has yet to become significant partner.

START was re-engaged by President Obama.

...Aggregate limits: (click here)

  • 700 deployed intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), deployed submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs), and deployed heavy bombers equipped for nuclear armaments;
  • 1,550 nuclear warheads on deployed ICBMs, deployed SLBMs, and deployed heavy bombers equipped for nuclear armaments (each such heavy bomber is counted as one warhead toward this limit);
  • 800 deployed and non-deployed ICBM launchers, SLBM launchers, and heavy bombers equipped for nuclear armaments.

Verification and Transparency: The Treaty has a verification regime that combines appropriate elements of the 1991 START Treaty with new elements tailored to the limitations and structure of this Treaty. Verification measures under the Treaty include on-site inspections and exhibitions, data exchanges and notifications related to strategic offensive arms and facilities covered by the Treaty, and provisions to facilitate the use of national technical means for treaty monitoring. To increase confidence and transparency, the Treaty also provides for an annual exchange of telemetry on an agreed number of ICBM and SLBM launches....
During the elections of 2016, Russia is known to have stated, Donald Trump as President and Russia would re-engage in another arms race to outclass the rest of the world and bring about renewed interest in Anti-Proliferation. So, the idea President Putin is stating the USA is not engaging START and Russia is, is somewhat of a surprise and a renewed interest by Russia.

October 16, 2017
By Paul Roderick Gregory

Among Russia’s biggest headaches (click here) is the widespread condemnation of its annexation of Crimea in March of 2014. Vladimir Putin still smarts from the November 2016 International Criminal Court (ICC) finding that “there exists a sensible or reasonable justification for a belief that a crime [my italics] falling within the jurisdiction of the Court ‘has been or is being committed’” within the Crimean and Donbas territories of Ukraine. Upon issuance of this finding, an irate Russia withdrew from the ICC. Sanctions continue to threaten persons and companies associated with the Crimean takeover. United Nations investigators have documented evidence of arbitrary detentions, torture, abductions, and political murder in occupied Crimea.

I'll be honest here. When are the old communists going to move out of the Cold War and realize the world is becoming far smaller everyday? Annexing Crimea and launching a war along the Ukraine border only caused problems for Russia. Such aggression is very old world and launches sanctions that cause damage to the future of Russia.

The old communists need to stop playing politics with old world ideologies. The facts that Russia is once again, as a BRIC country, facing a stalled economy due to the isolation deemed vital to Russia's sovereignty. That is nonsense. Russia's economy has to be valuable to Russians and not simply hunker down into politics that should have been jettisoned decades ago. Putin hasn't always pandered to the old communists. That occurred about the time of his second victory to the Russian presidency. Isn't this old world ideology enough for Russians yet?

When Putin took the presidency for his first term he was far more a Yeltsin Russian than Stalin. What happened since his first term is wrongly viewed within Russia as a loss of national identity under Yeltsin and forced the politics to conservative Stalinism. That is really unfortunate.

Russia is a very old country and it needs to abandon the fear of the return of the Czars.

Putin sees in the Catalonian referendum an opportunity to convince the European Union, NATO, and the UN that it is time to recognize that Crimea belongs to Russia and to let bygones be bygones. After all, business and political interests in Europe are getting restive. They contend that, after almost four years, it is time to return to “business as usual” with Russia.

The Russian narrative characterizes Catalonia as yet another unintended consequence of NATO’s 2008 recognition of Kosovo’s independence from Russian ally, Serbia. (No mention of Serbia’s ethnic cleansing of Kosovars preceding independence). Per Russia, Kosovo opened the Pandora’s Box of independence movements, of which Catalonia is but the latest example. In the growing list of self-determination movements – Kosovo, Kurdish Iraq, Scotland, Crimea, Quebec, and now Catalonia -- why should Crimea and its new homeland, Russia, be the only ones singled out for sanctions? Says one insulted Russian commentator: The West “has no right to lecture Russia.” The West cannot punish those referendums whose outcome it dislikes and praise those it welcomes....

October 19, 2017

Spain is to start suspending Catalonia's autonomy (click here) from Saturday, as the region's leader threatens to declare independence.

The government said ministers would meet to activate Article 155 of the constitution, allowing it to take over running of the region.

Catalonia's leader said the region's parliament would vote on independence if Spain continued "repression".

Catalans voted to secede in a referendum outlawed by Spain.

Some fear the latest moves could spark further unrest after mass demonstrations before and since the ballot on 1 October.

Spain's supreme court declared the vote illegal and said it violated the constitution, which describes the country as indivisible.

Article 155 of the constitution, which cemented democratic rule three years after the death of dictator General Francisco Franco in 1975, allows Madrid to impose direct rule in a crisis but it has never been invoked.

BBC Madrid correspondent Tom Burridge says that for Madrid this is about upholding the rule of law in Catalonia, protecting the Spanish constitution and disciplining what it sees as an unruly, disobedient devolved government....

November 24, 2012
Stabilising Spain’s finances (click here) without tearing its social fabric apart is being made harder by a new wave of Catalan secessionism...

The real price of war is that it becomes never ending. The generals and presidents overseeing war then like to say, the price paid by precious lives is an investment in further war. If the lives were so precious, why was war engaged in the first place?

Other answers to conflicts must be sought to bring focus to economies that work for the people.


October 19, 2017
By Natalia Zinets and Matthias Williams

Ukrainian lawmakers (click here) voted through a long-delayed overhaul of the health system on Thursday that the state's Western backers say will raise standards and tackle a culture of bribe-taking in surgeries and hospitals.

The European Union and the International Monetary Fund have been pressing for faster reform is a country where lives are more than five years shorter than the European average, according to the World Health Organization.

But opponents of the changes, including many opposition MPs, say the more Western-style system will force patients to pay for their medicines for the first time, leaving the poorest with no healthcare.

The legislation lets patients choose their own doctor, rather than have one foisted on them - a move the government said would encourage medics to improve service and give them less opportunity to demand kickbacks for treatment.

The bill also sets out which medicines are paid for by the state and which ones patients will have to buy themselves.

Backers have said it would be clearer than the present system, where medicines are in theory covered by the state, but patients often have to pay to get hold of pills when supplies run short....

October 19, 2017
By Christopher Miller

KYIV -- Protesters calling for Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko (click here) to enact anticorruption reforms or step down notched a small victory on October 19 as parliament sent a bill on lifting lawmakers' immunity from prosecution to the Constitutional Court for review.

Hundreds of demonstrators aligned with opposition parties cheered the news when it was announced in front of the legislature, where they have been camping out in tents since October 17 to ratchet up pressure on Poroshenko to clamp down on what they see as rampant corruption in government.

Mustafa Nayyem, a reformist deputy and Poroshenko critic, called it "a small victory" for the opposition that is likely to appease the protesters for the time being.

Thousands of demonstrators have gathered outside the Verkhovna Rada in recent days in a mainly peaceful protest, though minor clashes with police have been reported....

October 19, 2017

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) (click here) has upheld sanctions imposed by the European Union on former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and his son Oleksandr.

The Luxembourg-based court confirmed on October 19 the freezing of their funds for the period from March 2015 until March 2016, upholding a previous ruling by the General Court.

In a statement, the ECJ said that Viktor and Oleksandr Yanukovych had challenged the EU sanctions that were imposed on the grounds that they were the subject of pretrial investigations in Ukraine for offenses linked to the misappropriation of public funds.

But the court said that the Yanukovychs' concerns over the impartiality of the Ukrainian judicial system "are not capable of calling into question the cogency of the charges made against them...or of demonstrating that their particular situation had been affected by the problems in the Ukrainian judicial system."...