Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The weather has been wicked.

A Moderate Risk of Severe Thunderstorms is Forecast Today and/or Tonight
Severe thunderstorms (click here) are expected across the Lower Mississippi Valley Wednesday. Tornadoes, large hail, and damaging winds should focus from northeast Texas across southern Arkansas and northern Louisiana primarily during the afternoon hours. Isolated severe thunderstorms may extend as far north as Illinois and into the central Gulf States during the overnight hours.

Tornado forecast for today.

The tornado map by NOAA is exact. The current water vapor image shows extremely dangerous air over the same places noted in this map.

At Least 1 Dead (click here for video) as Widespread Flash Flooding Swamps Raleigh, North Carolina

26 April 2017

Santuary cities push back against federal requests or changes in law that require local law enforcement agencies to do the federal government’s job of enforcing immigration law.

April 20, 2017
By Glenn C. Smith

It was bad enough (click here) when candidate Donald Trump questioned the impartiality of the federal judge hearing the Trump University lawsuit. (Trump said that the judge’s ethnic heritage would make him biased.)

It was even worse when President Trump accused the federal judges temporarily halting his travel bans of purely political motivations and limited intelligence.

But it was especially disheartening last week to hear disrespect for a federal judge from the mouth of Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions — who is, after all, the nation’s highest-ranking law enforcement officer. After Hawaii-based U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson issued a temporary restraining order against the administration’s second travel ban, Sessions complained that “a judge sitting on an island in the Pacific” could issue a nationwide decree. The remark was eerily reminiscent of Trump’s earlier dismissive tweet that the U.S. district judge who stopped his first travel ban was a “so-called judge.”

Not that federal judges should be above legitimate criticism. These jurists deal with vital, and at times life-threatening, issues; federal judges need to hear well-informed and zealously advocated contrary views both inside the courtroom and out....

I suppose I could make excuses for bad manners in saying Hawaii is the fiftieth state of the country and it hasn't gotten the swing of things yet, but, that would be nothing short of an insult to Hawaiians.

Hawaii is every bit a state of the country as Alaska or Delaware, the first state of the the fifty. When a judge makes serious decisions in Hawaii he or she knows full well they are impacting the entire country.

What Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions do is use the so called "Bully Pulpit" to invoke fear that something worse is coming because the judge(s) didn't perform well enough and to their standard. Too bad. The Bullies of the White House have to get used to playing fair and working well with others. This is a democracy that has grown over 240 years into an incredible economic engine, expanded it's size seven times it's original inception and has grown in population by 132 times from 2.5 million in 1776 to over 330 million today.

As a matter of fact the USA would have a population about the size of Japan without immigration from it's earliest times.

United States Congress, (click here) “An act to establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization,” March 26, 1790

The point is the Trump White House is about 'originalism.' Going back in time. Taking the country all the way back to the "US Constitution" and nothing more. I doubt they even appreciate the "Bill of Rights." And Hawaii wasn't even known to exist in 1776, 

The country is not capable of running on laws ONLY from within the USA Constitution. It is romanticism. It is a feeling and not a practical approach to governing. The Trump White House does not believe in laws, they believe in actions. The USA is an incredible work of governance and not a piece of art. It is a rock solid country that does not make navigational changes with the ink of a pen. The USA makes incremental changes and slowly redirects it's course. The Bullies are not going to cause this country to collapse overnight, especially when the country's laws is based on a rock solid constitutional basis.

I still believe the Democrats need to explain how Sanctuary Cities work to prevent and deter crime and provide the statistics to back it up. Otherwise, they are looking as though they back criminals that don't belong within the borders of the USA and not the law EVERYONE ELSE FOLLOWS.

January 29, 2017
By Gene Demby

...But the available data (click here) on crime, immigration, and safety in cities does not support the premise for the president's actions. News outlets and researchers pointed out during the presidential campaign that immigrants who are in the country illegally are less likely to commit crimes or be incarcerated than the general population. The American Immigration Council noted in a 2015 study that the recent period of rising immigration to the United States from 1990 to 2013 also corresponded with plummeting crime rates across the country.

This past Thursday, a new study conducted Tom K. Wong, a political scientist at the University of California-San Diego, found that there are broad benefits for local jurisdictions that resist cooperating with federal immigration enforcement — they are safer in the aggregate and enjoy stronger economies. "For the first time we're kind of seeing that crime rates are lower when localities stay out of the business of federal immigration enforcement," Wong said....

Is available data the best data? For years there have been complains from those that work with crime in America that the statistics aren't as good as they should be. If that is the case, then are we seeing our cities for what they actually are? The police are probably the best litmus test of the statistics, in that they work those statistics and can tell if they seem accurate or not.

But the data available, is the data available and the information garnered from it is accurate enough for courts throughout the country. Reputable organizations work with these statistics and helps direct policy and money. There is no criticizing the statements of any legal action if the government purposely prevents accuracy.

The tail wagging the dog.

It is my opinion DC needs to get used to a far slower process in any aspect of the federal government. It is the way Donald Trump likes it. Donald Trump will respect his underlings, but, be pushed into carrying out their directives is nothing he will tolerate. He wants control because his base wants him to have control. Remember, this is an anti-mainstream administration. A work day is not going to be one that is so called 'normal.'

Donald Trump wants a smaller bureaucracy that he can manage. He wants hands on decisions without questions. He is not going to expand into 530 empty seats, he will probably eliminate them. 

April 25, 2015
By Lisa Rein

President Trump’s Cabinet secretaries (click here) are growing exasperated at how slowly the White House is moving to fill hundreds of top-tier posts, warning that the vacancies are hobbling efforts to oversee agency operations and promote the president’s agenda, according to administration officials, lawmakers and lobbyists.

The Senate has confirmed 26 of Trump’s picks for his Cabinet and other top posts. But for 530 other vacant senior-level jobs requiring Senate confirmation, the president has advanced just 37 nominees, according to data tracked by The Washington Post and the nonpartisan Partnership for

Public Service’s Center for Presidential Transition. These posts include the deputy secretaries and undersecretaries, chief financial officers, ambassadors, general counsels, and heads of smaller agencies who run the government day-to-day.

That’s less than half the nominees President Barack Obama had sent to the Senate by this point in his first term.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, who has publicly expressed frustration with the process, has routinely peppered the White House Personnel Office for updates and called Trump directly to press for faster action on filling vacant jobs at the Interior Department, said two people familiar with his contacts, who like others spoke on the condition of anonymity for this report because of the sensitivity of hiring discussions....           

Here we go again.

Financial reform via Goldman. When will Republicans have a 12 step program that works?

What would I look for this time? 


How to write the TPP permanently into financial reform.

The only thing sincere Americans need to know is governance and protection of local economies. We are doing fairly well on that, I think. But, Wall Street wants control of that money πŸ’°. There is over reach of government in there somewhere.

I know the bill is corrupt when financial reform is brought forward while there is a huddle about war going on.

Here is real genius. Scott Walker is asking Medicaid recipients to pay a monthly fee and there will be a limit of four years enrollment. The idea is that if a recipient gets used to paying the state they will develop behaviors over four years that translates into "good behaviors" and not "bad behaviors." Tell that to a senior citizen on a limited income. Also, if recipients have "skin in the game" they will be more interested in controlling costs. Here is one of the first steps to the Republican 12 Step Financial Program. 


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Any ideas about the potential location of lost hikers in the Grand Canyon? This ever happen before?

April 26, 2017
Chilling final images of a grandmother and her step-grandson (click here) have been posted after the teen's GoPro was recovered by search and rescue.
Lou-Ann Merrell, 62, and Jackson Standefer, 14, were hiking in the Grand Canyon on Saturday, April 15 when the pair lost their footing while trying to cross a creek during a family trip in a remote part of the northern Arizona park. They were swept away by the water.
An intense search was then initiated for the pair, which included three ground teams consisting of about 20 people total, a National Park Service helicopter, a drone and an inflatable motor raft that was flown into the canyon....
...But the search in Grand Canyon National Park has since been scaled back, with a park spokeswoman saying the searchers on the ground won't be used because they've now checked all areas that they can reach on foot.
The search will continue with the helicopter, drone and motorised inflatable raft....

The holiday apartments should be shuttered. It is a haven for human trafficking.

April 26, 2017

British detectives (click here) have a 'significant' line of inquiry in the Madeleine McCann case, ten years after the youngster went missing.
Scotland Yard chief Mark Rowley said there are still 'critical' leads that are of 'great interest' in the investigation into the three-year-old's disappearance from a holiday apartment in Portugal on May 3, 2007.
He also ruled out that her parents Gerry and Kate McCann were involved in her abduction and said that she could still be alive, the Daily Mail reported.
The comments come after the McCanns released a statement earlier today saying they still hold out hope of finding out what happened to their daughter.
In an interview nearly a decade on from her disappearance, Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner ruled out Maddie's parents as possible suspects....

What about the victims? What about the people killed by these drug lords?

Border control families, the families of people killed by their illegal drugs? What about the victims of the drug cartels? They should be compensated for their losses. There are the children victims brought to the USA to escape the ravages of these men and their drug networks. What about all the causalities of these cartels, what happens to them?

I don't see that monies taken from illegal activities should be paying for Republican politics.

There are no specific plans, costs of any kind and completion dates. There are no blueprints specifying the design throughout. There are no plans, but, all the drug money should be dedicated to a dream of a wall. I don't think so.

August 26, 2017

Cash seized (click here) from notorious Mexican drug lords, such as El Chapo, could be used to cover the cost of Donald Trump's border wall.

The radical new proposal was put forward Tuesday by Senator Ted Cruz as part of the Texas Republican's EL CHAPO bill, according to Daily Mail.

The bill's title, in addition to being the nickname of the infamous and recently extradited Joaquin Guzman, stands for Ensuring Lawful Collection of Hidden Assets to Provide Order.

Cruz's proposal calls for the US government to seek $14 billion ($20.1 billion) from Guzman specifically, while also trying to get its hands on funds from other drug lords to cover the cost of building the wall and securing the border....

Senator Bob Corker needs to stop comparing Libya to North Korea, he should refer to the Axis of Evil and the "W"rongful war in Iraq.

24 April 2017
By Patrick Wintour

Rome (click here) has brokered a diplomatic breakthrough in Libya that has the potential to bring the two main warring sides together in a new political agreement after years of division, fighting and economic misery.
The scale of the breakthrough will be tested later this week, but Italy is hailing a compromise brokered between the presidents of the house of representatives, Ageela Saleh, and the state council, Abdulrahman Sewehli.

The meeting was overseen by the Italian foreign minister, Angelino Alfano, and the Italian ambassador to Libya....

It is grossly incorrect to be referring to Libya as an equivalent to North Korea and the fact the President of North Korea learned plenty from the disarmament of Libya. Does Senator Corker actually hear what he is saying? He is saying small countries with nuclear capacity learned a vital lesson from disarmament. That may be very true, but, what it also states is that the larger countries are untrustworthy of disarmament.

Nuclear disarmament is a sovereignty issue. Nuclear armament occurred because a small country was worried about invasion and having nuclear weapons will deter any attempt by larger countries to war.

I don't know what the heck "W" thought he was doing at the DMZ when he made that speech, but, if he actually thought it was going to motivate North Korea to the peace table he was sadly mistaken. I think "W" got the type of reaction he wanted and it had nothing to do with peace.

"W" wanted a war and he got it when Iraq, an unarmed country, was illegally invaded. THAT is what taught Iran and North Korea a lesson, not the legal process of honoring non-proliferation.

Let's review:

On December 19, 2003, (click here) the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (Libya) agreed to eliminate all materials, equipment, and programs aimed at the production of nuclear or other internationally proscribed weapons. Libya's then leader Colonel Mu'ammar Qadhafi admitted that, in contravention of its obligations under the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), Libya had pursued a nuclear weaponsprogram. In 2004, the United States and the United Kingdom dismantled Libya's nuclear weapons infrastructure with oversight from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)....

For member nations the non-proliferation treaty is a legal directive. One of the reasons leaders disarm from nuclear weapons is because THEY DON'T WANT THEIR PEOPLE TO BE A TARGET. Now, either these leaders are drinking the Kool-Aid or they are dealing with honorable leaders of nuclear countries. So far the USA does not have a good record for being an honorable nuclear country. At all. The invasion into Iraq was about oil and everyone knows it. The invasion was illegal and hurried because the UN Inspectors were finding nothing actionable in relation to violations of the UN Resolutions that brought the USA and Iraq to that point. "W" didn't want to be honorable, he wanted to satisfy the greed of his political cronies AND get Dick Cheney off the hook for cooking the books at Halliburton.

North Korea had disarmed from nuclear capacity under Kim Jong Il, the second generation leader in that country. That bears repeating.

North Korea had disarmed from nuclear capacity under Kim Jong Il, the second generation leader in that country.

Got that?

What "W" did with his "Axis of Evil" speech was a violation of the trust these countries placed in the USA. That bears repeating.

What "W" did with his "Axis of Evil" speech was a violation of the trust these countries placed in the USA.

The USA went from a benevolent peace seeking country into a monster with six heads and each head with three eyes in an instant.

The term axis of evil was used by U.S. President George W. Bush in his State of the Union address on January 29, 2002.

...Under this agreement, (click here) Pyongyang committed to freezing its illicit plutonium weapons program in exchange for aid.

Following the collapse of this agreement in 2002, North Korea claimed that it had withdrawn from the NPT in January 2003 and once again began operating its nuclear facilities....

The six member talks was a sincere effort to bring about an understanding of an imitative that would lead to first safety of the people of North Korea and secondly peace on the Korean peninsula.

...The second major diplomatic effort were the Six-Party Talks initiated in August of 2003 which involved China, Japan, North Korea, Russia, South Korea, and the United States. In between periods of stalemate and crisis, those talks arrived at critical breakthroughs in 2005, when North Korea pledged to abandon “all nuclear weapons and existing nuclear programs” and return to the NPT, and in 2007, when the parties agreed on a series of steps to implement that 2005 agreement.

Those talks, however, broke down in 2009 following disagreements over verification and an internationally condemned North Korea rocket launch....

Take a good look at where the six countries are today, fourteen years later.

China - has to deal with North Korea to assist in the containment of a nuclear launch. This is not a game or a trade relationship, a nuclear explosion on the Korean peninsula, especially near China's border, would be devastating. It would be devastating to North Korea, but, also to South Korea, China and Russia, not to mention Japan. Additionally, the winds would carry the fallout east into and across the Pacific Ocean and North America would be effected.

Libya has none of those issues as an Arab country in the Middle East. North Korea had two major nuclear countries at it's near borders.

Japan - There have been mention of arming with nuclear weapons in the past election. The South Koreans still oppose the idea and would like to see a reunification of the North and South Korean people as a final end to tensions and a beginning to improved trade. Today, South Korea is far from that goal and has witnessed the closing of bilateral interests that would build a TRUSTING relationship.

Leaders in the USA laugh at the idea of trust and treat leaders to countries as fools for even entertaining the idea of non-proliferation. The USA leadership acts with power and not benevolent methods to achieve success in peace talks. Power. It is a myth. Nuclear holocaust is not good governance. 

North Korea - The new leader of North Korea is chronically testing the country's limits both in its ocean borders as well as it's nuclear and missile capacity. There have been active testing of nuclear explosions registering on the Richter Scale by western monitors. North Korea has sold fishing rights to China when it can nearly feed it's own people. The expansion into foreign waters to establish fishing rights has been less an attempt to feed the North Korean people so much as claiming more real estate or water rights to increase the price to the country that would buy it.

The new and third generation leader of North Korea has no compassion at all for the North Korean people. The minority in the power structure has loyalty to the new Kim Jong un and they better because he has little patience for anything else and clearly demonstrates that every time he kills a family member.

Russia - Russia is no longer a partner, neither are the others, and clearly it has no intention of returning to any talks no matter the other members UNLESS it is accompanied by a lifting of any sanctions that is hurting it's economy. But, Russia is moving in a very different direction than it's traditional role in the region. It no longer has patience with the idea of being peaceful. Peace has no quotient in the real world. It does nothing but allows The West to instill their greed and rob people of their assets. The Axis of Evil speech must have been a profound moment for Russian leadership, especially Vladimir Putin.

Trustworthiness of the USA was placed on the back burner and Russia had to reassess. What we are seeing now with Russia was a one time reset of trust between the two countries that failed. Putin is not interested in revisiting any trusting relationship with The West, that was clearly demonstrated with the border wars with Ukraine. Putin has no patience for countries not a part of his economic union. He wants to reflect strength and protection for that economic union no matter what it takes.

The former President Medvedev spent most of his term in office traveling to other countries and working to build trust and economic ties with any country that wanted it so long as Russia had it's loyalty when it breaks out into a war with The West.

South Korea - The faith in government leadership with the South Korean people has waned with the impeachment of Park Geun-hye. South Korea is the best barometer to realize the tensions on the peninsula, although silence today is defining, the absence of a real treaty with the north is a profound problem. One needs to realize economic ties with The West are vital to an alliance of peaceful countries in the region of North Korea. South Korea is more and more interested in testing missiles to counter any aggression by the North. None of these measures were even considered before "The Six Talks" ended.

The South Korean economy has been improving significantly since the presidency of Bill Clinton. The entire region trusted Clinton and as a result there was far more security on the peninsula. But, the South Korean economy does lag behind that of Japan and the USA. South Korea's economy demands peace. It doesn't work well if ships seeking exports are under threat. The entire idea there can be significant war on the Peninsula is simply crazy. That will be not only dangerous but demoralizing to the people who need to find trust in their government again.

United States - There is nothing to say, except, OMG!

We are finished in Libya. Rome has done a magnificent thing and if it could work it's magic in Syria that would be a dream to come true.

Libya was never North Korea. Not even close. The internal dynamics of Libya and North Korea are completely different. I might add it wasn't Kim Jong un that learned his lesson to non-proliferation and the victims of it when all trust is violated, it was the previous generation that heard "W"s speech and said, "OMG!"

One of the points President Trump stated about "The Southern Wall" was it is an investment that would save money in the future.

January 26, 2017
By Kate Drew

...According to a Government Accountability Office 2009 report, (click here) the cost to build 1 mile of fencing at the border averaged between $2.8 million and $3.9 million. But that figure may be low relative to costs for future sections of the wall. It's based only on the first 220 miles fenced and does not include other factors, such as topography, transportation logistics in harder-to-reach areas (i.e. road-building and earth and drainage work), labor costs, land acquisition costs and surveillance equipment. 
"The first miles of fencing were in the easiest" places, said Marc Rosenblum, deputy director of the U.S. Immigration Policy Program at the Migration Policy Institute. These were fencing areas in or close to cities and accessible transportation, rather than deep in deserts or mountains. Additionally, the first miles were on public lands, while completing a border wall would require the government to acquire land from private holders. The GAO estimate for one difficult section of fencing near San Diego was $16 million....
I'd like to see the future savings,but, I also want to see the cost of MAINTENANCE as well. The Wall will become an anchor to the federal budget because of maintenance costs and further measures to stop the cartels.
I can't imagine the savings a wall would create. A water station in the desert of the USA cost a lot less, including the loyalty of the Undocumented to the USA that contributes to the economy.

The cost estimates above are 2009 dollars and the maintenance is not yet known or even estimated. The cartels will be blasting the darn thing into oblivion. On the Mexican side of the border, who is going to stop them? 

Roofs are important to a home. In California we witnessed the importance of a slate roof. It saved the home during a wildfire.

Is there white slate?

If there is white tile, which is manufactured, there can be a coating for slate to make it cooler than dark slate. The covering has to be fire PROOF to continue the protection of the slate alone.

There should be other stone tried in testing laboratories as well. Granite comes in many colors, etc. There are good alternatives for building energy efficient buildings. There is no reason for the USA to lag behind other countries that are finding real solutions to their GHG emissions. It is vital we do. Generations to come need to know we believed in their lives and achievements that are benevolent and not self-serving.

The California slate roof worked to protect the home because the wind blown embers could not find a place to start burning. Imagine the difference between a tar roof and a slate roof.

What does saving energy dollars tell us about white roofs? It tells us there is 25% less HEAT absorbed by the building that has to be compensated. I think most people would agree 25% less energy use is a good thing. Now, place that white roof at the two caps of Earth. How much HEAT energy is reflected back to space. It is a lot. It is important to maintain coolness of Earth. Everyone can help. End emissions of GHG. It is important.

85th North Korean Anniversary.

China has asked to remain calm. It is a good idea. Do we really need this type of nasty and negative dialogue in the USA. It relates nothing important. 

Monday, April 24, 2017

The boss is back. I want to see his addresses on C-Span.

April 24, 2017
By Amber Phillips and Juliet Eilperin

Chicago — In his first public appearance (click here) since leaving the White House in January, former president Barack Obama told young leaders here Monday that “special interests dominate the debates in Washington” and that getting involved in their communities is the best antidote to the divisiveness dominating the country's politics.

Obama, who has kept a relatively low public profile since the end of his second term, did not mention President Trump once during the 90-minute event at the University of Chicago, but said he was determined to galvanize younger Americans to do more politically because they were the ones best positioned to bridge the current political divide.

“The single most important thing I can do is to help in any way prepare the next generation of leadership to take up the baton and to take their own crack at changing the world,” said Obama, who sat onstage, wearing a black suit, white button-down shirt and no tie, with a half-dozen Chicago-area activists in their teens and 20s, as dozens more student leaders watched on....

A "central line placement" is surgery. Who conducted the surgery? If it was anyone other than a licensed physician, no, a licensed surgeon, it was illegal to try.

Anytime a human body is invaded into vital systems it is surgery.

Central lines is an invasive procedure that enters the large vessels of the heart.

April 21, 2017
By Charles Fain Lehman

New Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch (click here) cast the deciding vote Thursday to permit Arkansas to proceed with the execution of Ledell Lee....

Gorsuch is reckless. He has no understanding of "cruel and unusual." What else doesn't he have a clue about? I hate training on the job.

Who is to win in France, Le Pen or the Sarkozy look alike?

I didn't want to discuss France really. It is up to the people. Citizens of most western countries are in a very dangerous mood, including recent elections in the USA.

Standard political parties were abandoned. I am not sure it is over in the USA. From what I can assess the people didn't care anymore. Americans. They didn't care about their government. They were/are in a very peculiar attitude. It was all attitude.

The attitude is that anything is better than what we have had. There is no demand for expertise. The people voting for Republicans believe the people are better off if their candidates and winners of politics are not qualifying. They believe qualifying ruins their representation. To that end they are probably correct.

The idea is that Americans want what they want and if that means destroying their government they are better off. They have found out exactly how dangerous that attitude is when Donald Trump turned on them. I don't know if it is a lesson or much as an experience. They may not have changed their attitudes at all only to realize they need a different savior.

Americans for some reason don't realize POLICY is as important as the candidate. They believe a Presidential Veto Pen and Executive Order Pen will FIX IT ALL. There has been so much wrong for so long they want control and they want change now.

It is disappointing to realize Americans don't even recognize the Plutocracy of which Trump bends his knee.

They finally do realize The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a good thing. They finally realize this was a good decision on the part of President Obama, but, they do not recognize him as the man who put it all on the line to drive it home. There is profound bigotry among Americans. I strongly believe the head winds President Obama experienced was because of the power he had as a black man. There is nothing else like it in USA history.

If I were a racist and realized I had a black president, I would do everything necessary within the discipline of "Peaceful Genocide" to prevent any change in my life. That happened "Peaceful Genocide" with the attack on The Voting Rights Act. Absolutely.

France is such a magnificent country and sets the value system even within the United Nations for global compassion. Imagine now the right wing wins the Presidential election in France, what happens to compassion in this world?

We are on a very dangerous brink. Do we annihilate human life unmercifully until the world is as we demand it to be? Russia thinks so. Russia is convinced in order to survive on Earth they have to annihilate every country/person that stands in the way of safety to Russian supremacy. The USA military warned us and our Presidents of this brink.

But, France. France is so very important. It has such a precious place in the way we see ourselves and the future. France was measuring the idea it would disarm from nuclear capacity. France would be the first permanent country to remove any nuclear weapons from it's country's arsenal. Then as that was suppose to take place, Daesh arrived and global balance began to look different and today there is Russia creating a greater breach in the global balance of power. France stepped back and thought it would wait just a little longer.

Both candidates in France are worrisome, but, so is the USA. For as much as women need to take leadership in the world at the pinnacle of government, Le Pen is too extreme. I believe Emmanuel Macron is the best choice right now. Unfortunately, Macron resembles Sarkozy. Yes, Nicolas Sarkozy. They look similarly. If people don't like Sarkozy, they will probably carry that dislike forward and won't vote for him.

It is up to the people. They need to think clearly, the world needs France as the moral guardian of life itself. I wish the French people great success. I hope they are wonderful the day after the election as before. I never expected the people of France to hold their quality of life so dear in their lives after the Paris attacks. But, to give up the lives they loved was worse than the attack. The attack would not change them. It changed Americans, though.

The presidential race in France is important, but, what is more important is that the people of France are still as magnificent the day after they decide.


Hm. Does Senator Schumer and/or Minority Leader Pelosi have the perfect bill for Immigration Reform?

Given the political climate of the USA, is the immigration reform bill perfect?

Sanctuary cities exist to reduce crime with the theory that exposure of the truth among the Undocumented will keep the city safe and keep them safe. Does it work in the year 2017? The statistics should show it. The policy has been in place a long time.

Does the USA need a border wall? Why and why not? California had to build three walls in order to begin to find control without a significant breach. Where are the facts. If the Democrats are going to hold their ground on the $30 plus billion dollar wall, then the facts should embarrass the Republicans and President enough to MAKE THEM BACK DOWN. That's clout. Making the Congress to back down is significant leadership. It is great optics. It is great politics. Don't do it, if the Democrats aren't going to come up smelling like roses.

Does the USA need to ban specific ethnicity from our country? There are some very dangerous white men like the man that killed the children on an island in Norway. Before he committed the heinous act would he have qualified to come to the USA? Would we be looking to read his mind?

The immigration issue needs to revolve around the safety of Americans. If the Democrats have the answer then they should put it forward and find out how the American people see their plans.

The immigration courts need to be expanded. Even people carrying out their legal visas are having trouble getting into the immigration courts. That has to be part of the immigration bill.

The Dreamers have to be given a path to citizenship and the ones protected by President Obama should be put first in line to their citizenship. That means they are provided "Green Cards" TODAY.

Immigration reform has to be real. It has to work. That means Mexico and other countries have a voice in ending the Undocumented coming to the southern border. What does that look like and does it include beefing up Mexico's military?

The last time immigration reform occurred was under Ronald Reagan. It didn't work. We know it didn't work because the Undocumented are here and still coming, albeit slower. There are at least 11 million people undocumented in the USA. This is their home. They have made it their home. Many are elderly now. 

There has to be a return to the benevolence of the USA. That means a comprehensive plan that is deserving of this country and might include training the Mexican military to handle it. Latin America is different than the USA. Policing is very different including corrupt politicians with no respect for the people. There are dead students. How did that happen?

Jungles are different. The USA military has experience with Vietnam, but, look what we did. We did Agent Orange. The way forward for Mexico as our southern neighbor may be different in their prowess in protecting ITS southern border. 

Then there were the children refugees. Their families were terrified for their lives. That is not a sovereign government. If Latin America is not safe is the USA?

Immigration reform is a big subject and ignoring it has gone on for too long because of risky politics in the USA. Politics that now wants to build a $30 billion dollar wall.

Actions speak louder than words. Comey uprooted the decision process of their political life and he had no right to do it.

April 24, 2017
By Michael Barbaro

It was an election year (click here) that no one could have predicted: both candidates for president under investigation by the F.B.I.

At the center of it all was one man, James Comey, making calculations that could shape history. A new Times investigation tells the definitive story of what Mr. Comey did and why he did it.

On today’s episode:

In this special episode, my colleague Matt Apuzzo takes us inside Mr. Comey’s decision-making as he shaped the presidential election through major investigations into both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump....




Director Comey needs to admit he was being harassed by Congress and particular Congressmen. Congressmen interfered with the operation of the FBI by harassing the Director to the point that compromised his own oath! I already know who it is so Comey needs to just admit there were zealots that compromised his oath.

The best future for San Juan County, Utah is to enhance and encourage tourism.

This is the trend in unemployment in San Juan County in Utah. The highs are due to seasonal depression of jobs.

November 14, 2015
By McKenzie Romero
...The bulk of those solar jobs (click here) came from SolarCity, the nation's largest solar power provider, and Vivint, which has a heavy presence in Utah. SolarCity recently announced intentions to establish regional corporate headquarters in Utah, projecting the creation of thousands of jobs over the next 10 years, the E2 report noted.
Additional solar projects — the Four Brothers solar project in Beaver County and Three Cedars solar project in Iron County — are expected to ultimately provide sufficient solar power for 126,000 homes, according to E2. Both projects are being developed by SunEdison.
Both SolarCity and Vivint work with rooftop solar systems for individual homes, while SunEdison builds solar power plants.
In San Juan County, a new wind farm will add 100 new jobs while contributing to the state's power grid....

There were 100 new jobs in San Juan County due to alternate energies. That should be built on. Other cities in Utah were far more successful in recruiting interest by these companies. Perhaps Senator Hatch should speak to the CEO again and ask to increase the companies interests in the somewhat troubled county. I might add, there is only one job opening with Solar City in San Juan County. So this was a good opportunity for them.

I really think San Juan County, Utah is used for politics. The population is low and the median income is not terrible, but, could improve. The median age is somewhat young, so these are all young families. If there are 4 people per household that means there is approximately 3800 families in the county.

San Juan County is a large parcel of land, but, there aren't many uses for that land except tourism unless the country is willing to destroy it. I honestly don't know where any farmer is going to find grazing land.

Excuse me, but the highest percentage of the people in San Juan County are age 5-17? Really? They aren't looking for jobs.

This complaining is all political. I can understand with larger families the need for increased income, but, the land doesn't lend itself to any greater income than simply destroying it. One might want to realize oil is declining in it's demand so much so that the price has to be artificially sustained. There is no future for the people of San Juan County in an industry that is declining. If the petroleum industry destroys the land the tourism will decline. I would not take that chance.

Better than 50% of the population is Native American. The leaders of that community need to focus on answers that have changed income for Native American families in other areas of the country, such as a casino. If there was a casino built it would enhance the tourism and would be a year round income. A small casino is all that is needed. The other possibility is a small amusement park for children with a theme that matches the land and it's history that would draw others from the region and state to visit. 

The unemployment rate vacillates between 5 percent and 9 percent depending on the season. That means there are about 4 percent of the county looking for work POSSIBLY. That 4 percent may be content in their season on and season off if they are parents, however, the income level of families should be pursued to increase their quality of life. The only way to REASONABLY address the needs of the people is to enhance the tourism at every turn like a small curio shop with medicinal herbs for sale along with practitioners of the skill available to charge for lessons in Native American Medicine.

To sacrifice the integrity of the land considering the petroleum industry is a failing industry, desperately so, is not a good idea. A far better answer is to increase tourism and variety of 'fun' in the county to engage tourism. If the US Senator Hatch were a Democrat these problems of quality of life would probably already be solved, but, because Republicans cater to cronies, the problems still exist in a fairly barren land that will not result in high yields of any crop.

President Obama did the very best he could for these folks in making this a monument. It will enhance the tourism. That is their best future.